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Workplace modifications

8 Aug 2012Currently I am in the process of waiting for an electric wheelchair for work as I need to be able to get myself to a number of premises that are within walking distance of each other. I would like to share this experience in today's blog so if others are experiencing this loooooong wait, they are not alone.

It was in about April that I chatted with my boss about needing an electric wheelchair. I was then asked to do some research on and book in some electric wheelchair trials and get 3 quotes. Which took about 1 month.

The quotes were then registered into the Job Access website and an assessor rang me to make an appointment to come out a visit my workplace, two weeks later. She asked me if I could get the wheelchair through some other means and if I was going to use it just at work or at home as well. In my case it is just at work, as I have no need for an electric wheelchair at home.

After I had ‘ticked' all the boxes the assessor advised me that she would be coming back with the electric wheelchairs I had trialled so she could see for herself what was required and reasonable. This happened 6 weeks later and I found it frustrating as it took up about 4 hours of my work day. The assessor went on to inform me that I may not get the electric wheelchair I need or want and alternative modifications need to be made to my desk to fit the cheaper electric wheelchair.

As it turned out, my preferred electric wheelchair was the cheapest and no table modifications are required. The electric wheelchair has been ordered and I now have to wait two months for it to be built.

Today I am getting my electric wheelchair and I am looking forward to the independence.

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