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Wishbone Day – May 6th 2011 – International Brittle Bones Awareness Day – Go Yellow!

4 May 2011This Friday, 6th May, please wear a touch of yellow to support Wishbone Day!

What is Wishbone Day? I hear you asking... Well it only officially began in May last year, and was created to raise awareness for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), otherwise known as ‘Brittle Bones', which is what I was born with.

Brittle Bones is a disorder that causes bones to be weaker than average, therefore resulting in numerous fractures throughout a sufferers lifetime, which can occur from something as simple as a sneeze.

People from all over the globe who have been touched by the effects of OI have embraced this international awareness day, and are helping to spread the word. I am inviting you to help celebrate with us, this Friday the 6th May.

Wishbone Day isn't about raising money, although it wouldn't be turned away when it comes to research for OI, the day is simply about increasing awareness about OI and the effects that it has on people's lives.

Some of the organizations members have created a ‘Wishbone Day' slideshow, featuring many of our OI ‘family' from around the world, the slideshow is a great way to display the strong spirit of people living with OI and how it affects people in such diverse ways.

There are many different types of OI and the outcome of people born with it can vary greatly. Some people for example, may only have a handful of fractures throughout their life and look perfectly able bodied, where others may not live past a few days old... Whatever way OI touches people's lives, the one common entity that stands out in my mind, is the amazingly resilient spirit in each person with this disorder has.

Whether they're 2 ft tall, or 6 ft, whether they've had 5 broken bones, or 300 - like me, they all have a fire inside them that wants to get out, and they want to be as big as they can be.

So please assist us in spreading the word to gain worldwide recognition and awareness about OI by wearing yellow this Friday.

There are many different ways people choose to participate and show their support, which you can see in the slideshow that I have attached. Some people paint their nails yellow, bake yellow cupcakes, change their Facebook profile picture to the ‘Wishbone Man' picture, like I have (shown below) and others simply dress themselves in yellow clothes.

Whatever it is you may do to take part, please send me a photo of your efforts. Most people I know will be attending picnics or lunches in their local area to celebrate Wishbone Day... Let's see how far we can spread the word! Join in, and go yellow this Friday!

To view the Wishbone Day slideshow, click here: http

For more information about Wishbone Day or OI, visit:

My take on the Wishbone Day profile picture for Facebook

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