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When will classroom technology cater for the disabled

1 Oct 2013In a rather compelling article, , it is brought to our attention how the use of technology in educational institutions is neglecting to cater to students who are vision impaired or dyslexic.

The students are asked to sort out the issues for themselves which is really not good enough.

It's amazing how a physical disability gets the attention it needs to have ramps and physical access addressed most of the time, however, an unseen disability is hardly ever addressed and it is the students responsibility to fix it themselves or fight with all their might to get the institution to behave accordingly.

I remember when, my husband, who has dyslexia was at university what a struggle it was for him when he needed his notes prepared differently, his exams modified and the computer colours changed. The university lecturers didn't want to help him because they could not physically see his disability.

It's about time institutions address the unseen and make technology accessible to all.

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Julie from Darwin posted on 1 Oct 2013
As an Instructional Designer, this is a conversation I have almost everyday with teachers/lecturers who are developing materials for their courses. Many don't recognise that they have students with disabilities and that some students need adaption of their resources. Some are happy to make the effort to improve the accessibility. For publicly funded resources, it is a requirement. I don't have a disablity, but a resource I am using to study from is so bad I am going to complain to the institution I enrolled with. The font can't be adjusted and is formatted so badly it is killing the learning opportunity to a point where I probably wont finish the unit. Wasted money and time with huge frustration!One important skill that can help is teaching people to use Ctrl+scroll to change the font size on screen quickly (if it isn't turned off).

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