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What Did You Just Wheel In?!?!?!

2 Feb 2011Just think about this for a second... When you walk, do you really know what you're stepping in? Spit? Urine? Chewing gum? Faeces? Dirt? Grime? Vomit? Lots and lots of things that you would never want to think about.... Now would you rub your hands on that same dirty ground? Probably not.

Well, for wheelchair users, that's what we face every day. The possibility of touching our wheels, that come into contact with all the disgusting above mentioned germs and micro organisms. We can't just ‘take our wheels off' like walkers can take off their shoes. But fortunately and unfortunately for me, which I will get to later, there is a solution!

Some wonderful, smart people have come up with the invention of elastic wheel covers for wheelchair wheels. Fortunately, because obviously, this will eliminate any possibility of ever getting dirt on the nice clean carpet again, or muddy wheel tracks on the freshly mopped tiles. They slide onto the wheels in about 10 seconds and your problems are solved!

Unfortunately though for me, I had this great idea a few years ago and wanted to make some myself, but as I do, I procrastinated and it never came out of my head and into reality. So, I missed the boat, but never mind, it is still a great invention, one that I'm sure many people can make great use of for years to come. And who knows, maybe I could make my own and call them Jo-Blogs Wheelchair Wheel Covers. Would you buy mine?

I have researched a few places that sell them, one lot is called Rahadesign Wheelchair Slippers, and they are based in Europe. For a set of ‘slippers' which are available in purple, blue or beige, it will set you back about AU$53 for the pair, plus shipping. They are soft, made from a faux velvet material on the outside, and have a specialised material on the inside that will grip to your wheelchair wheels to avoid slippage.

The other ones that I have found are from a company called Cool Hubcaps, based in the US, their covers are made from neoprene and come in purple, they are US$40 for the pair, plus postage.

Finally, there is Sportaid, who are based in Canada and the US, for a pair of their wheel covers, which are made from terry cloth and come in blue, they will charge you US$29 and they promise to beat anyone else's prices. Sportaid are the clear winner, when it comes to price, but do you know anyone personally that have had any of these wheel covers? Or have you tried them yourself? Which ones work the best? Or are they all as good as each other?

I have attached all of the links to the three different sites, so you can see their videos and judge for yourself. For the Rahadesign Slippers, go to: http for the Cool Hubcaps covers, go to: and for the Sportaid covers, go to:

I think I will definitely needing a pair of these for myself, I know my mop-er/vacuum-er/fiancé would be very grateful and so will my floors!

Dog poo


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Gloria Beatne from Melbourne australa posted on 10 Jul 2013
I too ave been thinking of similar idea for years. My son comes home with o much dry on his chair, especially in the rainy weather. Just yesterday I didn't notice till too late a yucky big dollop of dog poo! Hate it, took forever to wash down the wheels and clean and disinfect floor. Only problem is they come in the only one size. I need smaller wheel covers and what about the little ones at the front? Any ideas?

Gene from Europe posted on 5 Jul 2012
Hi MarthaI would like to make a small correction on your very informative post. As you wrote, RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers cost euro 39 (at the current exchange rate this is AU $47.50). But this price INCLUDES FREE shipping to Australia or anywhere in the world by registered post. In addition to our current style of slippers that you described we will be coming out with a new type of slipper next month. Feel free to contact me via the website next month and I will be happy to tell you about our newest tire covers or give you information about any of our cool wheelchair accessories (wheelchair gloves, wheelchair lights, wheelchair bags, etc).Kind Regards from EuropeGeneRehaDesign Wheelchair Accessories

Di from Penrith posted on 2 Feb 2011
Hi Jode, there's late and later for a procrastinator, next great idea work quickthats the winning trick

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