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UPDATE: Hit & Run Death That Should Never Have Happened

2 Feb 2010Back in October last year, I wrote a blog about an elderly man, Arthur Waller, who died from a hit and run accident.

Mr Waller, who was aged 85, had to cross busy Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park alone, in his walking frame. He was unable to climb the steep stairs of the overpass and unfortunately the elevator was out of order and had also been switched off as it was after 6pm. This resulted in him being hit by a driver, causing him to pass away almost instantly. Once the driver realised what had happened, he fled the scene before an ambulance or police officers could arrive.

This made me furious to learn that all of the RTA overpass elevators are switched off at 6pm due to vandalism. So much so, that I sent the RTA and David Campbell, Minister for Transport and Roads an email expressing my disgust.

I enquired if anything could be done so the disabled, elderly and parents with prams could access the overpasses to cross busy roads safely at any time of the day or night. I suggested to them that there should be a system that is similar to the disabled toilet keys, (where disabled people with the ‘master key' can access any locked disabled toilets at anytime). I told them that this was a form of discrimination and that we were basically being dictated to about what hours of the day we can and cannot cross a busy street, and that this is taking away the independence of people with disabilities.

Fortunately, they have changed the policy of closing the lifts from 6pm – 6am and there is now a key that is available to purchase from the Master Locksmiths Association of Australia, this means, that all overpass elevators that are controlled by the RTA, are now accessible to anyone, at anytime, as long as they have the Master Key.

I doubt if it was my letter that caused this change, but I'd like to think that I have had some influence in helping, so that this devastating accident will never have to be repeated.

To obtain a Master Key, or for more information, go to or phone 1800 810 698.

To view my original blog on Arthur Waller, click here http.

David Campbell - Minister for Transport and Roads

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Previous Comments

Sandra Stent from Launceston posted on 3 Sep 2016
Did Arthur have a brother WAL-TER or Wally from Mill Hill London.The Athur Waller I knew from Bondi in the 50s

C from Parramatta posted on 25 Nov 2011
I saw the aftermath of this terrible crime as I lived just two houses away from the scene at the time. I think about poor old Arthur every day.Please tell me someone has been caught by now over two years later? If not...why not?

Dianne from Greystanes posted on 11 May 2010
I am his daughter and No, noone has been made accountable yet.The driver still hasn't been found.

Jo-Blogs from Sydney posted on 25 Feb 2010
Hi Dazza, I have searched and searched on the internet and can't find anything related to the police finding Arthur's killer... If anyone knows anything different, please let me know, I really hope someone has been held accountable!

Dazza from Bardwell Valley posted on 24 Feb 2010
Does anyone know if they caught the bastard who killed poor old Arthur?

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