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Toni Braxton has issues with having an Autistic son

24 Jun 2014

I was shocked to see that Toni Braxton feels that one of her sons is a punishment because he has Autism.

To think that God punished her for having an abortion earlier on is ludicrous.

To think this very ‘old school' way that God ‘punishes' us for our sins is one thing. To journal about it would be okay as she works through her thoughts, but to actually write this down and publish it is utter foolishness – what was she thinking!

Autism is not punishment – its just life! As I see it, God sends you a gift he trusts you with when you have a disabled child.

The punishment here is the rejection Toni Braxton's son is receiving knowing his mum is not happy having him. He will find this out eventually if he has not done so already!

Toni Braxton you are a silly person who doesn't know when you she has been given a gift!

You can read the article for yourself here:

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