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The government is obsessed with funding cuts and may need its own therapy

13 Oct 2014A couple of weeks ago I watched an interesting episode of ‘Insight' that talked through the topics of obsession and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

OCD is a compulsion that interferes with your day to day life to alleviate an anxiety. It is controlling and can be very upsetting.

OCD is a hard disability that just keeps getting worse and worse for the person who has it. The agony of the repetitions and the ongoing battle in the mind must be absolute torture as well as needing and wanting to hide it from the rest of the world.

There is no real treatment for OCD. No medications or treatments apart from exposure therapy which is what is used for phobias. By putting the person in an OCD situation and getting them to stop doing the compulsion that they would normally do in that situation is very exhausting and may result in other OCD habits to compensate.

OCD effects 2% of the population and is found to be genetic. The treatment at present has been counselling and the Australian government have stopped funding - what a surprise. The new alternative treatment has patients unwilling to start again and this is shutting them into their agony again.

When will the government see the ‘people' and their ‘needs' and not the bottom dollar?

The government is obsessed with funding cuts and may need its own therapy!

You can watch the ‘Insight' episode here:

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