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The Man With Half A Body

18 Mar 2011I wanted to share with you, a story I heard about a man with half a body.

Kevin Easterday, who grew up in Pennsylvania, was born with a rare disability, called Sacral Agenesis, this means his spine didn't properly form, doctors made a choice early on in his life, to amputate the lower half of his body.

They gave him the shortened life expectancy of 21 years old. He is now 35, and very independent, despite getting around on his hands.

As a child, ‘Kenny' as he's known to his family and friends, was encouraged by his father to walk on his hands. He was given prosthetic legs to use, but found them more of a nuisance than anything else, so he continued to get around on his hands or a skateboard.

Kenny has always lived his life to the fullest, learning how to play pool and go bowling. He became quite well known during a stint on the Jerry Springer show.

He has also had success with finding partners, he was married to his first wife at 19 years old, and they divorced two years later.

Kenny is now engaged to his fiancé Nicky, who reassures that all of his genital parts are in working order, (which is a common question that they get asked by strangers). This is understandable if you don't personally know Kenny, because when you look at him, it appears like he is cut off at his ribs, but he assures that he has his genitals still in-tact.

Kenny wants to have children, the couple thought that Nicky's 7 year old daughter, Desiree, was his child, as shortly after they began dating, Nicky fell pregnant. Kenny has always treated Desiree as his own daughter, but it was confirmed last year, that he wasn't her father. He still treats Desiree the same as he did before he found out the results.

As you can imagine, not having legs, it would be difficult to wear pants. So Kenny just wears a t-shirt, which he ties up at the bottom. He also faces difficulties as he is getting older, as he has broken his arms before and the strain of walking around on his hands most of his life is beginning to take its toll, but Kenny is not ready to give up just yet.

Take a look at the original preview of a story about Kenny's life, which aired on American television last year, click here:

Also, take a look at some of the comments from viewers who have watched the same clip. I really don't know how some people can function in society, if they still have the narrow-minded views and opinions about people with disabilities as some of these commenter's have left. It truly is disgusting and they should take a look at themselves before passing judgement.

Playing pool


Kenny as a child

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Previous Comments

georgia from ontcanada posted on 8 Oct 2013
can't say that I believe in God or what any individual's purpose in life is supposed to be. It is hard to look at what this man has accomplished in life, what he has had to endure,the incredible attitude he displays despite obvious hardship and not come to the conclusion that this individual was destined, is destined for a greater purpose than the rest of us so called regular mortals. I see him as the best that humankind has to offer. I only wish I had the money to help out.

tamara from jamaica posted on 11 Jun 2013
Amazing story n u r amazing! God made u n saved u all this time for a reason u r perfect in gods' eyes so never mind the FEW judgemental persons.U r an awesome, god blessed, brave n determined man n I admire u for all those qualities. God bless ur parents too they are wonderful, continue being the great man u r kenny:)

joanne townson from blackpooluk posted on 5 Jan 2013
just watch your documentary here in britain, think u are a remarkable person and have great courage x

Julie from London posted on 4 Jan 2013
Ive seen Kenny many times on the tV I am so proud of him and his parents how they have coped with everything love to all from a BIG BIG FAN XXX

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