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The Intouchables

21 Nov 2012
There is a new movie that just came out at the Cinemas here in Australia titled ‘The Intouchables'. It is a French film with subtitles. I urge you to go and see it if you can as it is a remarkable film about a wealthy quadriplegic, Philippe (played by Francois Cluzet) and Driss (played by Omar Sy), a man from the slums of France who has been in trouble with the law and is seen as a no hoper.

What draws me into this movie is that Driss is so focussed on his own issues that he has no pity for what Philippe is going through which helps Philippe feel normal and able to get a second chance at life. The friendship that grows is very special as Philippe gives Driss opportunity to experience a life with opportunity and Driss moves Philippe from being a spectator to being part of the action.

The trailer shows Driss saying, ‘this is no longer a job to me' and hearing that statement made my heart swell as it is there that Philippe is in a place of freedom and no longer a quadriplegic but an equal to Driss.

For those of us who feel that we are a burden to others who constantly need to help us – its all in perception – we may need help, but we may also be helping those that help us in return. Its up to us to have a good attitude and see what we can do to give in return.

The Intouchables

The Intouchables

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