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The Inspiring Duck that Taught

12 Aug 2014Lemon is one lucky duck and a very handy teacher too.

Lemon was one of four classroom project hatchlings, however, when he hatched it was very clear that he was ‘different' to the rest.

Lemon had trouble walking and he did not develop like the other ducks. As she was a science project she was probably lucky that he was reared by humans otherwise he probably would not have survived.

The students took it in turn to look after Lemon at recess and lunch. Lemon taught the students that although she was different, she still deserved to be loved, respected and played with.

The experience that the students had with Lemon, helped a new student with a disability, fit into the school a lot easier as the students used what they had learnt with Lemon to treat this new student well.

Lemon also goes to other schools and camps to teach that being different doesn't stop you wanting everything others get in life.

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