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The Disabled Should All Be Sent To Siberia To Freeze To Death

16 Mar 2011After it became public that a New Hampshire, House of Representatives legislator stated that, all disabled people should be moved to Siberia, a public lash back has caused him to hand in his letter of resignation.

91 year old republican, Martin Harty, was quoted as saying to a House constituent, “The world is too populated” and “there are too many defective people”. To solve the overpopulation crisis, Martin has his own plans of what he'd like to do; “I wish we had a Siberia, so we could ship them all off to freeze to death and die and clean up the population”. He specified that in reference to ‘them', he was talking about “the mentally ill, the ‘retarded', people with physical disabilities and drug addictions”.

All I can say is that I'm glad this man isn't in power in my country. And if he was to step foot in my country, I don't think he'd last very long here whilst saying things like that, they'd move in on him quick smart!

After copping a bit of flack over the comments he made, unapologetically saying that he was “just kidding” to The Concord Monitor (a local paper for Concord in New Hampshire), he has decided to submit his letter of resignation to the House of Representatives.

He gave his hand written letter to a State House Speaker on Monday and the resignation went into effect on Tuesday, once it was read out, on the House floor. His letter stating “With all the slightly unfavourable publicity I've been getting over the last few days, I'll never be an effective lawmaker. Sorry my big mouth caused this furor”.

While reading his resignation in his own words, you can clearly see how remorseful he is for the whole incident...... NOT! I say good riddance, obviously a grumpy old man who has been in the same job for WAY too long and should have left years ago!

I have a 91 year old grandfather, who was brought up in the times where people with disabilities were branded as not being able to do much, and weren't thought of as being independent or having much of a future in society, but he would never have these kinds of evil views, and even if he did, he'd keep them to himself.

This man needs to go to Siberia. What's his name? Martin Harty? More like Martin Hatey! Goodbye!

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