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The Brain and Dance

30 May 2012How can something as simple as dance repair and regrow the bodies wiring?

As a person with Cerebral Palsy I know how hard it is to get my limbs to do what I want them to do and so I have to admit to my laziness in the exercise area. I sometimes feel inspired and have good intentions to stick to an exercise program, but then I get tired or busy or disheartened that no change has occurred and I give up.

When it comes to study or working at my job I don't give up as I see the results. Another workbook done or another course completed. Another way of helping my clients at work by producing a set of manuals that are helpful to them getting a job.

A friend of mine on Facebook directed me to this inspiring actor/dancer's story. Choreographer, Tamara Rogoff, helped Gregg Mozgala through dance to train his brain so that his legs worked better. It was eight months of gruelling work. Not only has his dancing improved, but so has his everyday life. The changes have been very significant in Gregg's life.

A dance program at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago has been developed for children with Cerebral Palsy to get their bodies moving and they are seeing good results in weeks, instead of years.

You can watch Gregg's amazing story at: PM 25/05/2012f8g.

Below are some images of Gregg.

I hope you enjoy!

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