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The Annual Focus on Ability Short Film Competition

5 Aug 2013The Annual Focus on Ability Short Film Competition is now open for Voting.

Check out the amazing films that are a part of this years NOVA Employment Focus On Ability Short Film Competition at

This year is by far the biggest we have ever had with many inspiring films flooding in.

Voting is now live! So, be sure to check them out!

The following categories are to be decided:

  • Corporate Entries
  • School Documentary Entries
  • School Short Film Entries
  • Open Documentary Entries
  • Open Short Film Entries

    The films are a great way to show the abilities as well as break down walls of misunderstanding.

    I certainly have my favourites! Which ones are your favourites? This year's entries may inspire you to enter next year's competition.

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    Evelynn from Australia posted on 14 Aug 2013
    Which ones are your favorite?

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