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Sesame Stairs

5 May 2014My cousin recently posted a link to this YouTube video that showed stairs retracting and a lift appearing for people in wheelchairs to use called the Sesame Stairs.

Although it is a great concept I have a few issues with the idea.

My first issue is, how do you know the lift exists when it is so hidden?

My second issue is, why does the lift have to be hidden at all?

To me, the lift being hidden, says that we are ashamed of people with a disability and we want to hide the lift under stairs so the ‘normal' person is not inconvenienced or made uncomfortable by having to walk over to some other steps.

Also, aesthetically by hiding the lift, the building is not made to look ‘ugly'. I have a friend in Malta who studied Architecture and was taught that if a ramp made the building look ‘ugly', not to put it in! he felt very challenged after meeting me.

If you want to see more of the Sesame Stairs, go to:

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goldens from Western USA posted on 23 Jul 2014
Phenomenal idea. I have a TBI, am an amputee but have great difficulty in walking. I hate ramps since I lose balance b/o my prosthetic leg. This invention would be VERY beneficial to everyone with disanilities, esp. W/C and walker users.Thank you.

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