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Miracle Mum Wakes From Coma On Mother's Day From Daughter's Touch

9 Aug 2011Emma De Silva, a beautiful, vibrant young woman from Sydney, had just realised her dream. Into the third week of her new baby girl's life, Emma and her husband Yoshi thought that life was absolutely perfect.

Earlier this year, back in April, Yoshi recounts his story, to the Sydney Morning Herald - http - of the last morning he spent with his little family, before their lives changed forever.... With his baby girl in one arm, and his wife in the other, he and Emma spoke of how perfect their lives were at that very moment, and of Yoshi's wish to stay home with them for the day. They both had no idea that by the end of the day, their lives would be completely turned upside down by tragedy.

After three years of trying to conceive, Emma and Yoshi were finally blessed with the news that they were expecting their first child. Sadly, only weeks before the birth of their little girl, Eloise, Emma was faced with the death of her mother, to motor neurone disease. However, Emma carried on, for the sake of her new life, as a mum.

With the arrival of her first child Eloise, Emma was ecstatic and loving being a mummy. Getting back into a daily routine and into the swing of being a mother, Emma took 19 day old baby Eloise, and their dog for an afternoon walk, at around 4pm on Monday, March 14. Walking along the footpath of a busy road in the Sydney suburb of St Peters, whilst pushing Eloise in her pram, a car suddenly lost control, mounted the curb, and went slamming into the new mother, before also crashing into Eloise's pram.

Witnesses say that Emma was flung into the air, only to land onto the pavement, head first. Emma and Eloise were rushed to hospital, in critical conditions. Emma had sustained serious brain damage from the impact, and remained unconscious at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. While baby Eloise was taken to Sydney's Children's hospital, with mild head injuries and a broken collar bone.

One week on, after the traumatic visits between his wife and daughter's bedsides, Yoshi was allowed to take Eloise home. Doctors told Yoshi that he should consider turning off Emma's life support, as she wasn't showing any progress. He refused to do so, and every day, brought Eloise into the hospital to visit her mummy.

At first, there wasn't much response from Emma, but slowly, little by little, the family started to notice slight reactions, like her eyelids flickering, then a small grin. But it was on Mother's Day, that a true miracle was witnessed. Yoshi walked into Emma's hospital room with Eloise, to spend their first Mother's Day together, only to see Emma, laying there with one eye open, and a smile on her face.

Yoshi ecstatically ran to his wife's bedside and gave her a tight hug, before bursting into tears. He placed Eloise in her arms, Emma then pursed her lips, and gave Yoshi his first kiss, since the morning of the accident, when he had said goodbye to her. After spending precious time together, she then went back into a deep sleep. Yoshi believes that Emma is still alive today, because she knew that Eloise needed her, and knew that she was with her every day for two months, trying to drag her out of her coma.

Today, five months on, Emma is slowly regaining movement and is learning how to walk and talk all over again. Her road to recovery will be long, and the De Silva family needs all the help they can get right now. If you'd like to assist by donating to the Emma De Silva Foundation, please visit where you can purchase items from an auction, or you just leave your message of hope for Emma and the family to read.

I truly hope that Emma makes a full recovery, so that she can enjoy her little miracle baby, the way she was meant to. If you'd like to see video footage of the story that aired on Australia's ‘Sunday Night' this week, click here:

Emma heavily pregnant, sitting with her dog

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