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Keeping Bridezilla At Bay

28 Oct 2011Last week's blog finished off with me crossing my fingers about the hotel check-out time for the morning of the wedding....

Just to re-cap, I booked this beautiful deluxe two bedroom suite for me and my girls (mum, bridesmaids, ect) to stay in the night before the wedding, and was guaranteed a complimentary 1pm check-out. However, last week I got a phone call from the hotel telling me that the housekeeping manager had put a note on our file saying ‘no late check-outs', as you can imagine, I was FREAKING out, because our wedding isn't until 2:30pm and with everything else booked out this close to the wedding, we wouldn't have many other options about where to finish getting ready. And, I don't really fancy the idea of having to rush around, packing everything up twice in between priming and primping before the ceremony.

The lady who called me, said that she'd have to speak to the housekeeping manager to find out exactly what ‘no late check-outs' meant in our situation, but wouldn't be able to do so until the following day.

I was told that I'd get a call in the morning, last Saturday, to let me know the outcome. I was eagerly waiting by the phone until about 2pm, when I couldn't take the suspense any longer, so I called the hotel.

I was given the discouraging news that the latest we would be allowed to check-out of the hotel would be Midday. Obviously, I was not happy with this at all and asked to speak to the manager, who wasn't in until Monday (of course), so I got his details and said that I would be calling back to discuss it with him.

Because I'm such a passionate person, (I blame the Italian part of me), I tend to lose my head a little bit when situations aren't going my way, and to avoid the Bridezilla part of me emerging, I thought it'd be best to get my mum to give the hotel manager a call.

Thankfully, he chose to see it our way, and said he would honour the promise of a 1pm check-out.... Lucky!!!

Saturday afternoon, I was off to visit my dressmaker, to check out my wheelchair train and the girls bridesmaids dress alterations, and to hopefully pick up my dress. One of my best friend's and bridesmaid, Rachel, came with me to visit and to try on her dress. It fit perfectly and she looked amazing! I also got a first glimpse at my wheelchair train, which was cut out, but not put together, but from what I saw, I absolutely loved it, and can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. So we left only with my dress, which I was happy to take, so I could admire it again before giving it back to my cousin/maid of honour to mind.

The bridesmaid's dresses, my train and the boy's ties are finally finished now, and I am going to pick them up this afternoon, and I can't wait!

This weekend, Todd and I are making a quick day trip down to Wollongong on Saturday, to drop off some items for the wedding.

The first stop will be to our cake shop, to hand over some decorations for our wedding cake, then we've got to drop off some vases and things to my florist, and finally, since I'm not a big drinker, only certain drinks agree with me, so we'll be buying some alcohol for the reception for Todd and I, and the bridal party to enjoy, and we can only buy it at the alcohol supplier that the reception venue uses, so we're going to get that out of the way.

We are hoping to take our dogs Phoenix and Narla for a ride with us too, and if it's a nice day, with any luck, depending on the weather, they'll be able to run along the beach.

Sunday, we've got to go and visit a doggie kennel and cattery, where we plan on sending our fury kids while we get married and go on our honeymoon. We want to make sure it's up to our standards, and we're not sending our babies to an animal concentration camp or anything scary like that.

So, with another working week almost over, there remains only 13 days, 23 hours, and 40 minutes until I get married.

Only one more wedding blog until my big day! Then of course, will begin the post wedding blogs, to fill you all in on how it went and share our photos, but until then, you will have to sit tight and be patient.

Keep your eyes out for next week's blog, the final pre-wedding blog, and your last chance to wish me good luck before I wheel down the aisle!

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