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Its in the Genes

19 Oct 2014Jen Bricker was adopted out when she was born as she had no legs. Her adoptive parents raised her well. They told her there was no such word as “can't”!

Jen grew up independent and strong and took to ‘power tumbling' like a fish to water. Jen won many awards and accolades for her tumbling while at school. She is now an acrobat and aerialist.

Growing up, Jen's idol was Dominique Moceanu, who is an Olympic gymnast.

At the age of 16, Jen's mum sat her down and told her that her real last name would have been ‘Moceanu' and that Dominique Moceanu was in fact her sister.

Jen met Dominique after writing her an emotional letter. When they me they noticed the similarities of their tone of voice, laugh, looks and passion for gymnastics.

Jen and Dominique are great friends and catch up often.

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