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I'm going to Keep On Keeping On

26 Aug 2013As I have shared previously, I have Cerebral Palsy. The messages from my brain to my arm and legs don't always run as smooth as I would like them to and so I end up with involuntary movements. These movements have been reduced significantly by a device that sends electrodes to my brain that reduces a lot of the involuntary movements. Since I have had this procedure I have steadily tried new things and I have gained greater comfort and independence.

On the weekend I had a battle on my hands. I had previously had these ‘attacks' where I would have shooting pain down my arms which would last for about 1 minute and then disappear. The attacks happened once a month, then a couple of times a week. On Saturday the attacks occurred nine times which left me very tired and pretty scared.

I went to Emergency where they deduced that it was nothing serious, however, they could not tell me what it was.

I came home relieved that it was nothing serious but still very wary of these attacks and I questioned what I would do if they remained.

At this point I felt that I was at a fork in the road where I could decide to live in fear and be held prisoner by these attacks or I could FIGHT! I chose to get on with it and not let the attacks rule my life. There may be times I need to slow down or take a break but I am definitely not stopping or changing the course of my life just because I experienced this!

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