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Holograms to help prevent misuse of disabled parking spots

20 Oct 2015If you're like me you know it's a gamble each time you go out as to whether or not you will find any available disabled parking spots. Worst still is when you notice a car in one of these spots doesn't have a disabled parking permit.

A Russian non-profit organisation came up with an interesting way of reducing the number of people that were parking in disabled spots without a permit. A campaign was run in business and shopping centres across Moscow to make drivers stop and think about what they were doing.

The organisation, recorded a man in a wheel chair telling the driver to stop and explaining that the spot they were parking in is for those with a disability and they should park somewhere else.

As a car attempted to park in one of those spots a camera would detect if a disabled parking permit was displayed on the car's windshield. If the car was missing a permit, the recording was played as a hologram.

Using projectors, speakers and air saturated with an invisible screen of water. They displayed the visual and audio recording so the driver could see the man sitting in the parking spot talking to them.

This would certainly be an embarrassing eye opener for those drivers that think they will get away with it, only to alert everyone nearby that they shouldn't be parking there.

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