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Goodbye Miss De Ruvo, Hello Mrs Owen!!!

4 Nov 2011This is my final pre-wedding blog and last day at work.... I have written some blogs that will be uploaded during my absence, so you will not miss out on a weekly slice of Jo Blogs...

So last weekend, I was off to pick up my bridesmaids dresses, my wheelchair train, and the boys ties. Mission accomplished and we are all very happy. Everything fits perfectly and looks fabulous, ready for its public debut next week.

One of my bridesmaids Rachel and I tried on our dresses once I had them in my possession. We felt like little girls stealing clothes from our mother's closets, because we had to be so careful not to crease or mark anything, it was so fun!

As we'd hoped for, Todd and I made our little day trip down to Wollongong to finalize a few more wedding things. We took our precious fur babies with us, Phoenix and Narla, and they had a ball. We took them to the beach, at our ceremony site, which was Narla's first time, where we threw sticks and they ran around chasing each other in the sand. They even found a large blue tongue lizard!

When we were about to leave to go home, we were climbing up the hill, with me leaning on my chair, trying to push it and get it to cooperate on the sand, when I turned around to see the most beautiful sight. I looked back to where Todd's mum's ashes were scattered over some rocks on the beach almost 10 years ago, to see a magical big rainbow appear before my eyes, out in the distance over the water. I told Todd that it must have been his mum showing us that she was there with us. It was just amazing.

The next day, we visited a boarding kennel and cattery, where we intend on sending our furry babies, after I got lost trying to find it that is... It is far from the luxury they'll be used to, but at least we know they'll be safe and fed while we're away, so we'll be dropping them off next Thursday, which I know will be hard for both Todd and I.

This week, I've had my engagement ring sent off to be cleaned and polished, I've had my hair re-coloured, my toes painted, and I've done some shopping for honeymoon essentials, like a suitcase, swimmers and pyjamas.

Next week is going to be a busy one for me in preparation to D Day. There'll be our rehearsal dinner, a manicure, spray tan, our final reception appointment, a bride's breakfast with my new sister in law, and lots of other running around and gathering of things for the wedding.

I have to say that it doesn't really feel like I'm going to be a wife by this time next week, but maybe once I am officially on holidays after 4:30 today, it might start to sink in a bit more. I am definitely excited though, and can't wait to see all of my lovely family and friends who will be with us to celebrate our most special day ever.

So, as I check my countdown clock for the last time ever before I leave work for my wedding, it reads 6 days, 22 hours and 48 minutes. I'll look forward to returning as Mrs Owen with lots of photos to show and gossip to dish. Bye for now everyone, and thank you for all of your well wishes, and I'd like to give a huge thank you to all of my wonderful colleagues at NOVA Employment, who gave me a beautiful card and some lovely gifts. I know Todd and I will have an awesome wedding and honeymoon. Thank you and don't forget about me during my two weeks off, I will be back!!! :-)

Phoenix fetching sticks almost bigger than him

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