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Four Disabled People Discovered Inside American Horror Dungeon

19 Oct 2011I came across an article today, which could have easily been mistaken for a fictional Hollywood blockbuster, but instead, it is the real life horror story for some of the most vulnerable people in America, those living with intellectual disabilities.

The landlord of a home in Philadelphia was shocked when he made a frightening discovery this week. When 71 year old Turgut Gozleveli headed down into the basement to get some tools, he was confused as to why the dark room had all of its light bulbs removed, but as he got closer down to the bottom, he heard dogs barking and a chain rattling and went to inspect the noise.

He got to a boiler room in the basement, which was held closed with a chain, and when he removed it, he found three men and a woman, one chained to a radiator, in the small space. The room, which was too small for an adult to stand up in, stunk of urine, and also contained three dogs, a mattress, some blankets and a bucket they all shared as a toilet.

Turgut freed the man who was chained to the radiator, and called police, thinking they were squatters. When he asked what they were doing there, none of them answered him. All four of the rescued victims, were not only weak and malnourished, and suffering emotionally, they were also showing signs of physical abuse. It was later discovered that the four of them, aged from 29 – 41, had intellectual disabilities, and had the mental capacity of 10 year olds.

Police have arrested three people from an upstairs apartment, two men and a woman, who allegedly imprisoned the four captives, some who have been reported missing by their families, for almost 10 years. It is believed that the kidnappers were holding the four prisoners to claim their social security money.

Police claim that the group's ringleader, Linda Weston, has taken numerous visits, with the disabled people and their ID, to the social security office, where she has acted as their sole caregiver, and had all of their disability benefits paid into her account. Police also say that Linda has moved her prisoners all over America, and that they found up to a further 50 ID's in her possession, possibly of other people that she has been involved in kidnapping.

The FBI has since been involved in the case, and detectives are investigating how many other disabled people the trio have possibly taken advantage of. They believe this horrific discovery, may be just the beginning of an unimaginable crime spree that they are about to unravel.

To read the original article from media website Adelaide Now, click here: http

Neighbouring residents have provided statements to police, saying that they have seen the intellectually disabled people selling articles of clothing with the three kidnappers on the street, only a week prior to this shocking discovery.

Another has come forward telling police that when questioning the kidnappers about the disabled people's cuts and bruises that she noticed on their faces, she was told that they had been fighting with each other, and believed them, so didn't think to take it any further.

It is just incomprehensible that this sort of thing has been going on right under societies noses. These people are sick and I hope that they get the justice they deserve, and their poor victims can hopefully be rehabilitated and learn to trust again. Fingers crossed that police also find their other victims safe, and provide them with the care that they will need.

Outside the Philadelphia unit where the four disabled people were held captive

The tiny space they shared

The three accused of kidnapping and other charges - Linda Weston, Eddie Wright and Gregory Thomas

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Kate from Brisbane Australia posted on 22 Oct 2011
As a disabled person, this story has left me worried and concerned for all the disabled people out there who are at risk of this kind of torture. We all need to pay more attention to those at risk around us - keep an eye and an ear out for anything that does not seem right in the life of any disabled person you might know, or just know of. Ask them if they need help with anything, if they are able to communicate that - you don't have to help them, there are plenty of people out there waiting to help, sometimes you just need to let them know.The people involved in this should be treated in exactly the same way as they have treated these disabled people and lets see how much they complain. This is a disgusting and atrociuos act of heartless and evil people.

etana from australia posted on 20 Oct 2011
words cant be expressed on how a human being can treat a christian there crimes will be paid in to that

Silvana from New Zealand posted on 19 Oct 2011
Absolutely disgusting,appalling. What words can describe this?

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