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Five Weeks To Go And I’ve Got Butterflies

7 Oct 2011Although the weather in Sydney this week has been terribly cold and rainy for October, things have remained pretty quiet on the wedding front, with not too much happening...

Today we have reached exactly 5 weeks until the big day! So I'm doing a lot of the tedious girly tasks that are all about decorations and final touches.

A lot of my wedding ‘theme' is focused around our two wedding colours, birdcages and butterflies. So, this week, I've been working my butt off trying to prepare all of the little things for the ceremony that I insisted on having. And I've been able to add my own little personal touches, by doing most of it myself.

During the ceremony, Todd and I will be releasing real monarch butterflies, which usually come in a decorative box. The butterflies are kept in a cool dark place until they are ready to be released, and with the box being dark inside, it makes for some pretty sleepy orange butterflies once the box is opened.

Because of my love of antique style, white birdcages, I purchased some for the wedding off eBay, a big one, and a small one, but they were both a brownish cream colour, so I painted them white to match the rest of our wedding decor.

While speaking to my florist, she told me about a wedding that she attended where the couple handed out birdcages full of butterflies to their guests, for release during the ceremony. I thought this was a lovely idea and something that would suit my style so much more, than a box. I emailed the wonderful people from, who are supplying our butterflies, to ask if I could transfer the butterflies into a birdcage and they said I could, which made me very excited!

So this week mainly involved painting the smaller cage and stitching some soft tulle onto the inside of the birdcage (so the butterflies don't get out through the bars). It just looks beautiful and I can't wait to see it filled with fluttering butterflies!

I had already painted the larger cage, and we will be using that as our wishing well. As most couples tend to do these days, we already have everything we need, so we've requested a gift of money so we don't double up on pressies.

To decorate the cage, and stop the envelopes from falling out between the bars, I have wrapped a piece of fabric, which is the same as the fabric from the groomsmen's ties, around the outside of the cage, and a piece on the bottom. I've also stuck a decorative white butterfly onto the outside and a wooden cut-out of the word ‘Love', which I painted a pretty colour (which is secret because that will reveal one of the wedding colours).

Anyway, I painted this ‘Love' sign, and left it on the buffet in the dining room, to dry. Whenever I'm doing anything arty, my cat, Bailey, likes to try and get my attention, by jumping up onto the table and playing with my paint brushes, or drinking my paint water, and this instance was no different, but this time, he had accomplices!

I was on the phone to my mum, whilst preparing dinner, when I looked up and saw him sitting next to the ‘Love' sign on the buffet, not thinking anything unusual about that, I went back to chopping. The next thing I knew, my eldest dog, Phoenix, was chewing on something, so I went to investigate, and realised it was my ‘Love' sign! Narla, my youngest dog, had the rest of it in her bed. So what I concluded was, Bailey knocked the sign off the buffet, Narla ran and grabbed it, then Phoenix stole a bit off her to have a munch on... Sufficed to say, I was NOT impressed! And I had to buy another sign the next day and begin the painting all over again. Lucky it's only a small sign...

Another thing I've been working on this week, is compiling a fun girly play list of songs, for my hen's night. My big night out is tomorrow, and I can't wait! I have almost all of the songs I am after, so once I get home, I'll be back to it, to ensure that all my favourite songs are available for our listening pleasure.

So, with only 34 days, 22 hours, and 50 minutes to go until the exchanging of nuptials begins, I'd best be off, so I can begin my weekend! Wish me luck for my hen's night! You'll all be hearing about it next week, so stay tuned.

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