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Father Kills Disabled Son, Cuts Off Head

16 Aug 2011"In Heaven I believe you're a beautiful star and you will always shine bright inside my heart, inside everybody's heart. If I could go back and change yesterday, I would. But I can't. You will be missed and loved by everyone and we will pray every day in your honour. Love you, Mom." These were the parting words given by a grieving mother during a news conference in Thibodaux, Louisiana, on Monday 15th August.

When twenty seven year old Jesslyn Lirette, said goodbye to her six year old disabled son Jori Lirette on Sunday, she had no idea it would be the last time she would ever see him alive. Jesslyn, who lived with her thirty year old partner, Jeremiah Leigh Wright, and their disabled son, left the house, to go to the mechanics to get her truck fixed, so that she could take Jori to a doctor's appointment on the following Tuesday. She left Jori in what she thought were capable hands, with his father, Jeremiah.

Jori, who was born three months premature, suffered from severe cerebral palsy, and a heart condition. He required a feeding tube, a wheelchair to get around, and could only say a couple of words. But just thirty minutes after Jori's mother left, his father decided that he'd gotten to the point of no return.

Unemployed Jeremiah said in a statement to police, that he was ‘tired of taking care of the boy.' He bludgeoned his son with a blunt object, causing excessive bleeding which ultimately resulted in the boy's death. Jeremiah then allegedly decapitated his sons head over the kitchen sink, and cut off his hands and feet. He placed Jori's decapitated head out the front of their house by the road, so that his mother would see it when she returned home and quote: ‘feel stupid'. He put his other body parts in plastic bags, which were later found by police.

After being arrested for the murder of his son, Jeremiah was taken to the police station, where he confessed to the murder just thirty minutes later, he also waived his right to an attorney. A friend of the father said that Jesslyn used to leave Jori in Jeremiah's care all the time, even if she wasn't working. But Jesslyn denied these claims, and at the news conference, between tears, had this to say; ‘He was my star. No matter what people think or say, he was always top priority in my life, I've done everything I can for him."

The couple, who had been together for ten years, had the police called to their house a month ago during a domestic dispute, but no charges were filed. Jesslyn claims that she planned on leaving Jeremiah. It is understood that the couple fought mostly over financial issues.

Thankfully, Jesslyn didn't find her sons decapitated head. This had already been discovered and police had been called to block off the scene, before she arrived home. Detectives were apparently reduced to tears over the gruesome incident, which brought only the second homicide to the Louisiana town of Thibodaux in over three years.

This is such a tragic story, and it brings up questions as to whether or not the family had enough support to begin with, for their disabled son. Jeremiah's history is not known, but was he driven to this terrible outcome from shear madness or lack of assistance? Either way, it's a horrific story, with a horrific ending for all involved. I hope that little Jori is now resting in peace and will never feel any pain again. So sad.

So view the original story from The Australian news website, click here: http and American radio station website WTOP 103.5 FM, click here:

Jori with his mother Jesslyn

Memorial site set up by well wishers outside of Jori's house

Face of a brutal murderer; Jeremiah Lee Wright

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Previous Comments

Gemma from Scotland posted on 30 May 2013
I can't believe this. And imagine putting his head out for the mother to see, that's just SICK. Poor woman!

samuel from nun of your f busness posted on 17 Mar 2012
I hope the guy who killed the boy goes to hell so hard and the devil rips his head off

Gail A from Fayetteville NC posted on 4 Jan 2012
I do hope that we don't allow him to sit in jail and plead a case of insanity. He was not insane when he so coldly took his sons life. Its sad to think that mom left her son with his father and he killed him instead of taking care of him.

Taylor S from Charter Oak posted on 4 Oct 2011
I just cant believe something like this would happen. how sick can you be. i was doing a school report about hunting accidents and i came across this. i almost threw up. that poor kid. His father should be shot in the knee caps and left there to bleed out and suffer.

Timmy Powell from Louisiana posted on 27 Sep 2011
Some people in this world dosen't belong in here to murder a kid that couldn't defend himself is just wrong , what is wrong with some people these day ? , if you don't want them don't have them , you sick son-of-a-bitch get what you deserve !!!!!!

Timmy Powell from Louisiana posted on 27 Sep 2011
Some people in this world dosen't belong in here to murder a kid that couldn't defend himself is just wrong , what is wrong with some people these day ? , if you don't want them don't have them , you sick son-of-a-bitch get what you deserve !!!!!!The mother should seen something for this to happen she is to blame aswell she shuold be in jail aswell , people what is going wrong with this world , things are not that bad where you can't get up and just walk away and think about what to do next instead of hurting a inocent child .

Patricia from Sacramento Califorina posted on 3 Sep 2011
(OMG) My son died from blood cancer in 9/2010 he was 12 years old this breaks my heart little jori's life was cut short my his own faher l know this man was sick and there had to be signs for the mother to see. Woman offten overlook the red flags when it comes to some men with thers children. I'm sure it was hard dealing with the needs of little jori's but its been done over and over again he could have DR-OP him off at any hospital and left him. I only wonder what else he did to little jori while the mother was not looking I belive GOD said 'Enough is Enough' and took his child home with him where he is blessed coming in and blessed going out. (Deuteronomy 28:6)and how he is getting all his need meet by jesus(Philippians 4:19) rest in peace little jori jesus loves u this l know. its was nothing but the 'devil' who comes to kill seal and destroy. To troi mother write a book about your life living with a monster. so some of the mother can wake up. GOD BLESS YOU & TORI FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS AN ALL THAT NEW AND LOVES HIM MY PRAYERS ARE WITH U ALL.

Elaine from Canada posted on 24 Aug 2011
My thoughts and prayers and with Jori's mother and family. Jori is now an angel and beyond all of the pain and suffering (albeit) far too soon. As for the piece of detritus called Jeremiah Lee Wright -- he should NOT be in protective custody and should be put in general population where he will get what's coming to him. If not, while I'm not a proponent of the death penalty ... he needs to go, slowly and painfully

Joe A from New York posted on 20 Aug 2011
All involved are in my thoughts and prayers. So very sad....

Lyric from Metairie posted on 19 Aug 2011
May god have mercy on this sick son of a bit__!!! Hurry up and inject him!!!! I'am against the death penalty.. He has to go..Please don't allow him to sit years in prison..He took his helpless, precious sons life with in a blink of an eye... To the mom, I will pray for you...Although, you should of gave your son to people that would give him the proper care he needed ,people that would of loved him unconditionally , like me...I hurt so bad inside...

lily from connecticut posted on 18 Aug 2011
from the depth of my heart, i am so utterly sad, angry, disgusted, and horrified. how EVIL, how INSANE, how PUTRID does a human being have to be in order to viciously, and unrelentlessly murder his own child? this man is the wost most disgusting human being. this is your cild, you made him out of love, and you took him away, he never asked for any of this, he was your responsibility. to call you a failior as a father is a complete understatment, you are a piece of *@#!. you will burn in hell.

Breanna Dye from Porterville posted on 18 Aug 2011
First of all let me start off by saying R.I.P Jori Lirette..You will always be in my heart..For his mom: im so sorry for your loss..i cant imagine what any mother would do if they were in your shoes. It wasnt your falut that this happend and most importantly is wasnt your sons fault either..ill have you and ur family in my paryers always and ur son will NEVER be forgotton in my family. 2ND: Father: I hope that you get what you deserve and no mersy on ur soul..u are a person that was born with no heart..why did u kill ur son? That poor bby never had a shot at life and its all because of you..but u kno what when its ur time..i hope you suffer every second of ur death and god is goin to reject you at his gates..the only place ur goin is to hell..i kno the minute u get behind bars..then ur life is on the line..good luck gettin out of this one..IM SO SORRY MOTHER FOR YOUR LOSS ONCE AGAIN AND ILL PRAY EVERYDAY THAT THINGS WILL GET BETTER FOR YOU..JUST REMEBER YOU SON IS STILL THERE WITH YOU AND HE LOVES YOU VERY MUCH..YOU WILL BE OKAY I KNOW IT..I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK IN LIFE..ND DONT FORGET THAT UR SON IS STILL WITH YOU IN HIS OWN WAYS SO DONT THINK FOR A SECOND THAT HES GONE BECAUSE HES CLOSER THEN YOU THINK..PEOPLE THAT WE CARRY IN ARE HEARTS ARE NEVER GONE!! ALWAYS BREANNA DYE!!!

logan stewart from bairnsdale victoria australia posted on 18 Aug 2011
that is absolutely disgusting and i feel really sorry for the poor kid, how can the father do that to his disabled son, i pay all my respects to jori.

tammy m from hernandoms posted on 18 Aug 2011
Absolutely horrible,beautiful child's life taken by his own father.People have no love and compassion.

Charles from Oklahoma posted on 17 Aug 2011
They should take this man and do exactly to him what he has done to this little boy. He should not have a trial. Kill him and rid our society of such trash. He does not deserve the air he breathes or the space he takes up on the earth!

Amanda from Ohio posted on 17 Aug 2011
This man is a disgusting pig. I was a single teen mom with a baby that cried all the time, the stress level was high. But I never once thought of hurting my child. If you feel you are at your breaking point you WALK away, clear your head, take a deep breath, call someone. Anything is better than what this animal did to that beautiful little boy.

jazz from killeen posted on 17 Aug 2011
I just heard about this on the radio.I'm sure they didn't have enough assistance and it contributed to his breaking point.I have a good job and 3 kids with no disabilities and the lack of assistance programs in the bell county area have made me break down in tears utilities food rent there's not much out here ohio has some of the best assistance programs its the only thing I miss but I reeeally miss prayers to the mom.

Elaine from Alabama posted on 17 Aug 2011
ARE U SERIOUS!!!!! I am married with two kids and I'm in school(not including sports and other clubs they and I am in) AND NOTHING could break me down enough to harm my kids.( not to mention the HORRIBLE life I survived) !!!! Jazz seek help, I would hate to read about you one day! Pray for this family, and KILL the sorry S.O.B who done this !!!!!!!!!!

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