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FOR SALE: 1 Wheelchair Hoist

2 Mar 2010I have been asked to advise everyone that there is a wheelchair hoist, suitable for a van or people mover, available in the Foster, Tuncurry area in NSW, Australia.

It is in great condition and looks near new.

It comes with everything you will need to attach it to a van - the hoist, cables, up/down control, nuts and bolts, seat belts and floor supports for two wheelchairs.

I have only been given minimal information so if you are interested, please contact me and I will pass on any questions.

The price is very reasonable at $2,500.

Hurry, don't miss out!!!

FOR SALE: 1 Wheelchair Hoist

FOR SALE: 1 Wheelchair Hoist

FOR SALE: 1 Wheelchair Hoist

FOR SALE: 1 Wheelchair Hoist

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Leanne from Sydney posted on 28 Sep 2011
Hi,I actually have a Toyota Hiace 2000 model-auto for sale. It has a wheelchair hoist, similar to the one shown in this article. Very reliable. Always serviced. Vehicle and hoist available for sale either together or separately. Private sale. Please contact Leanne 0411030204 or Brendan 0419400658

Jodie from Sydney posted on 14 Sep 2011
Hi Ron, I have contacted the seller a few times to see if it's still available, but haven't heard anything back, so I'm assuming it's not available anymore... This was posted over a year ago, so I'd doubt it. Thanks for stopping by! Jodie.

Ron Squires from Lake unmorah NSW posted on 13 Sep 2011
Is the wheelchair hoist still for sale?

wheelchairs from India posted on 3 May 2011
Thanks a lot for this informative post i like this post thanks a lot for this great information. keep posting and updating the blog. i like it so much....regard:wheelchairs

BRUCE from PERTH posted on 29 Dec 2010

Emeka from USA posted on 12 Nov 2010
Where is this van at?

TIM LOW from Doncaster posted on 1 Jul 2010
hi i work as disability support work, and I am wondering where can get photo or picture of hoist disable people in and out of van. it is for safety of our clients, and if you can guide me to right website and preciated for your help. my email : [email protected] . thank you very much

dave from melbourne posted on 21 May 2010
pls ring me i m interested in this pls call on my mob 0411067641

Yaya from Melbourne posted on 30 Apr 2010
This is new or use one

Jodie from St Mary's posted on 30 Apr 2010
Hi Yaya, it is a used one, but it is quite new, very good bargain but I'm not sure if it's still available. I will find out and let you know by next week. Jodie.

Jodie from St Mary's posted on 30 Apr 2010
Hi Yaya, the hoist is still available :) If you are interested, please let me know, it is in NSW though so you would have to arrange for it to get to VIC. Thanks, Jodie.

Sobhy from Melbourne posted on 20 Mar 2010
We Would like to buy the hoist,Would the buyer be able to pack it up and transport it to Melbourne.Thanks [email protected]

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