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Don't Have An Abortion, Because Your Next Child Will Be Born Disabled

18 Jan 2012Now I believe I've heard everything after reading an article that has been recently dug up again from the internet files of 2010. Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall was heard claiming that disabled children are born to their mother, as a punishment from god, for having an abortion.

In February 2010, Bob spoke out against Planned Parenthood at a press conference; where he went on to express his personal beliefs that if a woman chooses to take birth control, which prevents the implantation of an egg, or if they undergo the medical procedure which terminates a pregnancy, then they will be punished by god.

Bob believes that any child which is the first one to be conceived, is a gift from god, so if that child is prevented from entering this world by its mother, then her next child, that she chooses to keep, will be born with a disability as a punishment for the abortion of the first. He also says “there's a special punishment, Christians would suggest”.

After the expected uproar from communities from all over the world for this outrageous claim, Bob tried to backpedal, stating that he never said those words specifically, and it must've been taken out of context. Well, unfortunately for Bob, the press conference was being filmed, and is now available to watch, forever, on YouTube.

I'm not a religious person myself, but I know my mother did not have any abortions before I was born, and I refuse to believe that it's even possible that I could be her ‘punishment'! If anything, I'm a blessing, to help her become a stronger person, and see things in a different light. Without people with disabilities in the world, there would be no compassion, among other things.

From nations all around the globe, people from disability and Christian communities wanted Bob to be forced to stand down as his position as a lawmaker in Virginia. However, he is still involved in politics, and continues to offend people of various community groups, including, but not limited to; gays and lesbians, people with disabilities, anti gun organisations and anyone who uses a computer.

You see, Bob not only insults those who know anyone with a disability, but he also thinks that teachers should be able to carry automatic weapons to prevent any potential school shootings, he doesn't want any gay people in the armed forces because he thinks it will threaten America's alliances with other countries, he doesn't think any gay people should be allowed to marry or have children, he wants it to be a law that if swearing or offensive language is used in private emails, the sender can be penalized.

This man, along with his beliefs, just sound ridiculous, and anyone would be foolish to agree with any of his proposals. I am glad that he doesn't belong to my country, but all I can say to my American friends is to just ignore him, don't vote for him, and hopefully, one day he'll be weeded out.

If you want to watch him talking at the Planned Parenthood press conference, click here: http and if you'd like to see his crazy beliefs that he's tried to instate, click here for a full list:

Like I said earlier, I'm not religious, but for those who are, doesn't God believe that everyone is equal? If this was true, then why would he/she single out and punish mothers who want to choose when they have children, or those who have a sexual orientation other than heterosexual? It just doesn't make sense! This man is obviously bonkers...

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