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Does The Government Really Care If You Live Or Die?

14 Jun 2011Is the majority of the medical industry more concerned about making profits than saving lives when it comes to terminally ill cancer patients?

Some of the most trusted and common cancer treatments available around the world are radiation and chemotherapy. These have been around since the 1970's, with traumatic side effects, sometimes we may wonder what's worse – living a few extra months, suffering nauseousness and other distressing side effects, or letting nature take its course, while having an effective pain management regime in place.

There are many alternatives to chemo and radiation therapies, such as surgery, naturopathy or other experimental procedures, but if they are not approved and endorsed by reputable medical boards, sometimes they can be seen as promises from so-called ‘quacks' that are simply too good to be true.

I watched a story about Doctor Stanislaw Burzynski, who is originally from Poland, but practises medicine in Texas. In the late 1970's, he made a startling discovery that could've changed the way we saw cancer forever. Dr Burzynski discovered a missing strain of peptides in blood and urine within cancer patients. The word peptide is a biochemical term, but a peptide is basically a molecule consisting of two or more amino acids. He thought that if he could chemically extract peptides from healthy people's blood and urine and administer them into those with cancer, it could essentially cure them. This is known as Antineoplaston treatment.

Dr Burzynski has been successfully treating patients for over 30 years now, but has spent most of his career fighting to have his treatment approved by the American Government. The American Government, together with FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the pharmaceutical industry, and the National Cancer Institute, felt that the entire cancer treatment industry that was available was at risk, and they tried to ban Dr Burzynski from practising his Antineoplaston treatment altogether by locking him away in prison, claiming that he was breaching medical laws. When this didn't work, they attempted to copy his treatment, changing one element, but failed.

Dr Burzynski doesn't claim to be a miracle worker or a saint, but he does promise to treat all his patients with his non invasive treatment and hope for the best. He currently has a 50 – 60% success rate with his breakthrough treatment, which is a lot higher than the success rate for those receiving other common treatments. So why aren't more terminally ill patients offered this alternative treatment? According to Burzynski's supporters, if this does become a common practice, it will take down the whole cancer treatment industry, which will lose billions and billions of dollars in decades of research, funding and technology.

In the film ‘Burzynski – The Movie', which you can watch free here: http - until the 20th June 2011, you will see many of Dr Burzynski's patients coming through the other side of an otherwise grim outlook on life. Some of his patients were only given months to live, maybe years with chemo or radiation therapy, but after deciding against the more common invasive treatments available, and going with Dr Burzynski's Antineoplaston treatment, their aggressive brain and other organ tumours shrunk in as little as one month to one year. Eventually, completely vanishing, with only traces of scar tissue remaining. These patients have gone on to lead long, full and happy lives, cancer free.

Dr Burzynski is still battling to have his therapy approved by the FDA. I can't believe there are such greedy people in this world! To think that thousands probably millions of people were denied access to this knowledge that could've saved their lives. Everyone has been touched by cancer at some stage, let's hope that this treatment can be made available world-wide and we can work towards a cancer free world.

Treating cancer shouldn't be about money or funding, it should be about helping people and giving them options that don't include horrendous side-effects, such as hair loss, hearing loss, nauseousness, weight-loss and all of the other awful things that come along with the available treatments for cancer patients at the moment. My wish for the future is that Dr Burzynski's life's work will be heard and will now receive more focus and be fine-tuned for an even higher success rate for cancer sufferers, which will be available to anyone who chooses to access it. The Government needs to stop hiding the facts.

Doctor Burzynski's 'cured' patients

Doctor Burzynski's 'cured' patients

Doctor Burzynski's 'cured' patients

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Johanna from The Netherlands posted on 20 Nov 2011
Reading this it shows that the FDA hasn't changed their policy! Money is more important than the happiness and healing of people! The best patient in their eyes seems to be the patient getting ill and stays alive with all the suffering until they get pension! But those patients made for the pharmaceutics great money! The treatments that are offered for curing cancer to the public is expensive and not working! The cures however that work and cost a lot less they are ignoring and hiding for the big public!If you want to find out more!

Debbie from Belmont North posted on 19 Jun 2011
Congratulations Jo. This story is amazing, & very well written. Dr Burzynski needs recognition for his work. Cancer patients need not go through with the "norm" treatment. Working with cancer patients I see it everyday how sick they become, hair loss etc. Governments need to be overhauled, along with the greedy pharmaceutical companies. One would think they could take on board these remarkable Doctors that have a simple solution to people that are in need. I am sick & tired of beaurocrats. Unfortunately, we are the puppets.

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