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Disabled Tourist Bashed by Lowlife Teenagers

10 Mar 2010There have been reports of a disabled Canadian man being attacked in Sydney overnight.

The 35 year old man was allegedly trying to leave Mt Druitt station last night at around 11pm, when two teenage males approached the 35 year old wheelchair bound man, feeling anxious, the man wheeled himself to the elevator, the boys began to follow him, taunting him.

One of the boys then punched him in the head, which threw him from his wheelchair onto the ground. They then proceeded to brake off a metal bar from his chair, and started to bash him over his head with it whilst also stomping on his body.

The man sustained cuts to his head and a depressed skull fracture, he is in a serious condition in Nepean Hospital. Police officers eventually saw what was happening and began to chase the boys, catching and arresting one, with the other getting away. He is described as being of Islander appearance, and the police are hoping that the CCTV footage will lead to his arrest.

A cowardly crime like this sickens me, there doesn't appear to be any motive, so were they just bored and decided to pick on someone weaker than them?? Disabled people just want to be independent and feel normal, but how is that possible to do without fear when there are low life thugs like this running around? Sufficed to say, you won't see me alone at a train station at 11 o'clock at night for this very reason!

Have you, as a disabled person, ever been the victim of crime? Or do you know someone with a disability who has been?

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Kimberley Moore from Sydney posted on 11 Mar 2010
Boys??? Try them as adults since they want to be out and about at 11.00pm and try them for a hate crime not just an assault! Lock them up and throw away the key. They do not deserve a second chance to possible hurt someone else. I do not think you can rehabilitate hateful people. Keeping them out of our society is the best solution.

John Rawlings from Sydney posted on 11 Mar 2010
I myself have disabilities which are mental illnesses. I am on a disability support pension and I would am horrified to think that there are scum in the metropolitan area of Sydney who would act to this moronic level. Regardless of their age, name and shame them in the media then put them away for life.

Lorraine from Sydney posted on 11 Mar 2010
This is far too close to home and is truly horrifying to think that young boys (and girls) have such lack of respect and no common courtesies at all towards disabled and in fact able bodied people anymore. What is happening to our society?

Sue from Cranebrook posted on 10 Mar 2010
This is so cowardly and these creeps need to have a lesson taught to them, what gets me is who is to blame where did they learn to pray on weaker people , I figure is is taught from early childhood by fantastic parents as surely this behaviour can

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