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Can You Heal Your Own Disability Or Illness?

28 Aug 2009This is a video that I found on the ABC Television website from an episode of Catalyst. It's about stem cells and how Japanese scientists have discovered that stem cells can be taken from an adult and ‘reprogrammed' and turned into any cell, mimicking an embryonic stem cell, that could be useful in treating diseases and biological disorders.

They say that just like donated organs, embryonic stem cells don't always ‘take'. With this new revelation, the cells are taken from the persons own body tissues and organs, and turned into whatever cell is needed, so, it is basically always a perfect match which will reduce cells being rejected by the person's body.

They say that this practice, which was discovered in 2007, has only been tested on laboratory animals and they don't know yet if it could have cancer causing outcomes and other catastrophes.

Although, this is years from being used as a normal treatment, it will hopefully extinguish the argument that using stem cells to treat illness and disease is inhumane.

I hope one day we can live in a world where our cells can be remade, to help cure what we have come to know as incurable diseases and illnesses.

Click on this link- http - to watch the story, it's very interesting.

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