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Are Disabled To Follow Footseps Of Nuns And Become Celibate?

5 Aug 2011Ok, so this is going to be a very ‘touchy' subject, (pun intended)....

Today on The Daily Telegraph website, a story has been run about disabled people using government paid health care workers, to accompany them, to visit brothels and sex workers, to fulfil their sexual desires.

The story is entitled ‘Tax pays for disabled sex sessions', which I think is a little over the top, and paints the subject matter in more of a seedy light, than what it actually is. The piece discusses how health care workers, who are employed by the Government to accompany people with disabilities around to complete daily errands, have also been utilized to take some of their clients to and from brothels.

In my personal experience, before I was ‘off the market', if I was ever interested in a guy, there'd always be that one person, who thought it was ‘wrong' if someone showed me interest, because I had a disability. But to me, I just wanted to be loved and have relationships like my friends did. I didn't ever see anything wrong with it, because to me, I'm pretty much the same as anyone else I knew. Even today, if anyone seems ‘surprised' that I'm getting married, and that my partner doesn't have a disability, it offends me a tiny bit... There just seems to be such a negative stigma attached to disabilities and sex or relationships. But people with disabilities are human after all.

There are many people in this world who don't have sexual relationships, or choose to be celibate. But, just because someone has a disability, shouldn't mean that they are automatically placed into the same category as Buddhist Monks or nuns, who make a conscious choice to live that way of life.

The main issue that is being highlighted in today's article in The Daily Telegraph, is that tax payers money, is being used for health care workers to drive clients around to receive sexual gratification. The fact is, these disabled clients are entitled to be assisted in performing everyday tasks, now whether that includes going to the shops to buy some eggs and milk, or going down to the local strip club for a lap dance, it should be up to their own discretion, of how they choose to utilize that allocated time.

Sure, the disabled clients could ask family or friends to take them to these places, but could you imagine the conversation? ‘Uh, mum, can you please drive me to the brothel? I need a shag'... It's not something that most people would feel comfortable having to announce to their family members and friends, so it shouldn't be any different for people with a disability, just because they may experience difficulties finding, or maintaining a meaningful, long-term relationship.

In Denmark, the Government will cover the financial cost for people with disabilities, to access a sex worker twice a month. Some people see this as perverse, while others see it as a basic human right that every human being should be able to attain.

After all, studies show that sex has many great health benefits to a person's life. Which I have discovered in an online article called: '10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sex' - http 1. Sex relieves stress 2. Sex boosts immunity 3. Sex burns calories 4. Sex improves cardiovascular health 5. Sex boosts self esteem 6. Sex improves intimacy 7. Sex reduces pain 8. Sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer 9. Sex strengthens pelvic floor muscles 10. Sex helps you sleep better.

Able bodied humans have every right to have consensual sex, whenever and with whomever they desire, so why should people with disabilities be treated differently when it comes to this subject? I don't think they should. To view the original story that was featured on The Daily Telegraph's website, click here:

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