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Alistair Lee

22 Oct 2013I was recently watching ‘Revealed' on Channel 10. There was a story about a remarkable person.

Alistair Lee was born blind, with Cerebral Palsy and other medical ailments. The story was so inspiring to watch as what Alistair has achieved is fun and amazing. He has studied at NASA. He can play the piano without ever seeing a note. Just by listening to music he can discern what notes are being played and play them himself.

Alistair can also tell you what is wrong with a car by how it is sounding and he is a petrol head to boot, owning an MG, his friends get to drive him around in.

Alistair can type brail really, really fast and he can do voice impersonations of people which he has made a successful career out of.

The story also mentioned what a personable person, Alistair Lee is. He once was driven by a cabbie and now they are life long friends. The cabbie finds Alistair by beeping his horn in the vicinity he is in and Alistair tells him vi mobile if he is getting closer or further away.

If you would like to watch this story go to: http TARGET=new>

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