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Abort the abnormal foetus

5 Nov 2012Do we have a right to abort foetuses that have been tested positive to have a disability?

As technology improves and more disabilities are detected in the womb – do mothers/parents have a right to choose whether to have the baby or not?

I find it really surprising that some tests are mandatory, especially if you are over 30 or 35 years old. I would opt not to have any tests to see if I was carrying a disabled child as aborting a baby is not an option I would take unless my life was at risk.

There are also many cases where parents were told that tests showed an abnormality with the foetus only to give birth to a healthy, happy baby!!

I think that although it may be challenging at times to bring up a disabled child, it is also a ‘gift'. A ‘gift' to help, guide and encourage your child to exceed the expectations of what you have been told to expect and also what society expects.

There are many people with disabilities that have contributed to our society and its development. Some have inspired others to try harder. Some people with disabilities have helped others to not be so selfish and self-centred.

I think the world takes all kinds disabled and not so disabled to keep life's equilibrium intact. After all, having a world full of ‘perfect' people would be pretty dull. A world full of disabled people would be ‘colourful'!

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