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A better way of describing the autistic spectrum

2 Jun 2016How many of us have thought of the autistic spectrum as a straight line from 1 to 100. The media often portrays autism as affecting the traits of people in the same way and to the same degree. All people who are autistic are the same right?

With the perception that autism should present the same way for everyone, it's no wonder those that don't fit this preconceived notion aren't believed when they say they're on the spectrum.

As many people will tell you not everyone has the same difficulties. One person may have great communication skills but finds it difficult to be in big groups due to the sensory overload. While another may be unable to communicate traditionally but is still just as intelligent as everyone else.

In an effort to change the stereotype Rebecca Burges created a comic that presents the spectrum in a different way. Instead of a line, the artist used a colour wheel to demonstrate the differences between people.

Check out the comic here Understanding the spectrum

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