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A Royal Pain In The Ankle, But I Won’t Let It Ruin My Wedding

30 Sep 2011So the countdown continues... As I found it very difficult to climb out of bed today, once I awoke, I realised that, not only is it Friday, but we are now down to 6 weeks until d-day!!! That's 6 weeks until my wedding for those who aren't down with it, and, why aren't you? Keep up people!

Last week I discussed the difficulties we've had with the bridesmaid's dresses, and how some of them are too small in some areas, and too big in others.

My bridesmaid's and I took a visit to my dressmaker to see what could be done. Thankfully, she says it won't be too hard to get them looking the way they should, but she says she sees it a lot; dresses being ordered from all different bridal stores, and coming in, in the wrong size. Her theory is that they do this on purpose, so the bridal party has to pay their ridiculously inflated fees to have the dresses altered... I think weddings cost enough, without dodgy companies taking advantage of brides to be, and trying to swindle extra cash out of them.... Totally wrong!

I was also eager to see my dressmaker, so I could get a glimpse of my train, which is going to be placed on the back of my wheelchair, to pretty it up. Unfortunately, it hasn't been started yet, but I'm assured, that it will be very soon, and will definitely be ready in time for the wedding.

Because of the colour of my bridesmaid's dresses that I've chosen, finding ties to match, was proving very tricky, so I found some satin material that's a perfect match, and am also having these made up by her too.

Last week, I discussed how I was planning on making my own garters as well, one to keep, and one for my new hubby to throw away. My legs are too skinny for a regular sized garter to fit on, and I'm handy with a sewing machine, so I thought I'd make my own. After my first failed attempt, I finally got around to giving them another go. Well, I finished the both of them, and I think they look great! I added my own personal touch too; a jewelled butterfly, which will go perfectly with my theme. I've attached a photo of them both, so you can see for yourself.

This Wednesday morning, I had a doctor's appointment, to discuss what could be done about some issues I've been having with my ankle. You see, in an effort to stay in the best shape leading up to the wedding, I began to do some exercise. I was attending hydrotherapy classes twice a week, pedalling on a cycle machine three days a week and also, trying to walk with my crutches as much as possible. I was going really well, and feeling quite good about myself, and my new healthier lifestyle, but it all had to come to an end....

One night, after a vigorous 20 minute pedal, I was relaxing on the lounge, and twisted my ankle in a circular motion, when I felt a kind of ‘pop' deep inside, followed by some pain. It didn't feel like a regular break, and nothing like I'd ever felt before, so I was pretty unsure as to what had just happened, but put it down to a strain or just stress from overworking myself.

I thought I'd give it a couple of days to see if it'd improve, but it didn't, and I couldn't stand properly on my foot, so took myself to the doctor for an x-ray. Nothing was found, and I was advised to keep on resting it. After another week, it was still the same, so I went to another doctor, same thing. Still unhappy with my non-diagnosis', I went to the emergency department of my local hospital, hoping to finally get a proper answer. After waiting 6 hours to see a doctor, who did an x-ray and a ct scan, I was still told that there was nothing wrong and I should just rest it...

Fed up, I made my fourth doctor's appointment, with a different doctor, who conferred with a colleague about my unique problem. They came to the conclusion that I must've caused some damage to a tendon in my ankle, and booked me in for an ultrasound the following week. I went for my ultrasound (with another doctor), and I am happy to say, that I came out of the medical centre with an answer to my problem... Unfortunately, it's a very unusual problem that can only be cured with surgery. According to doc #5, a random piece of bone, which had been floating around inside my ankle for up to 10 years, possibly from a previous break, had made its way into my ankle joint, after lots of movement and exercise. This finally explained the pain that I was experiencing when I tried to stand on, or flex my ankle.

Next on my agenda, was to book in with an orthopaedic surgeon, to discuss what my options were, (which was this Wednesday just gone). So doctor #6 said that normally, this problem could be solved with very minor keyhole surgery, but, because of my fabulously difficult, brittle and tiny bones, he would need to make a deeper incision and it would take longer than 6 weeks to heal, meaning, that now, I'll have to wait till after my wedding to get the problem rectified, otherwise, I could be in more pain on my wedding day.

I was really hoping to get my random piece of bone removed before the wedding, so when Todd and I go on our honeymoon, I'd be able to walk on my crutches along the beach, but I can barely stand on my ankle, so I don't see that happening... Never mind, I'll just have to get my new hubby to carry me along the beach and off into the sunset!

Be sure to check back in next week to hear all about where I'm up to with my wedding preparations, and the approaching excitement that will be - my hens night weekend!

I will sign off now, and with just 41 days, 21 hours and 35 minutes to go until my big day, I better get busy with more wedding duties, because before I know it, we'll be down to 5 weeks!!!

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