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Ties That Can Never Be Cut

27 Oct 2011Tate and Nash are brothers with a special bond that could never be broken. Tate, who is 9 years old, was born with Cerebral Palsy, due to a lack of oxygen at birth. Nash, is 11 years old, and absolutely adores his little brother.

Doctors told Tate's Mother, Sue, and Father, John, that he would never be able to walk. But the little boy from Melbourne had other ideas...

After he began therapy at the age of 3, at the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre, Tate has managed to re-train his brain to send messages to the rest of his body. He can now walk in a walking frame, and has even learnt to water ski.

Although physically impaired, Tate's intellectual capacity is nothing short of brilliant, he tops his class in maths. Big brother Nash says he's a star.

Tate wanted to compete in the Melbourne Marathon, which is held annually in Melbourne, in October. He began training around his home, in his walking frame, with his best mate and older brother Nash, as his trainer. Tate wears a body suit to assist him with his walking.

Tate's first attempt at running the marathon, ended with him crossing the finishing line last, and by the time he'd reached it, the gates to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground – where the marathon concluded), were closed. It took him 3 hours to complete the 3km run.

Tate's second attempt saw him reach the finish line, with his friends and family right with him every step of the way, in just 1 hour.

This year, Tate and Nash trained harder than ever before, and they aimed to achieve even more, wanting to raise money for other children with Cerebral Palsy. And together, the boys were able to raise a huge $35,000. Tate, who was one of 22,000 runners this year, also wanted to do the whole 3km without his walking frame. Which he managed successfully, crossing the finish line, at almost a running pace, whilst holding onto the hands of his big brother Nash, and other friends and family who were there to support him.

Just after finishing this year's marathon, Nash asked Tate what his next goal was, he said ‘we won't worry about that right now, let's go and party'. But for now, Tate's dream is to take over the Melbourne Marathon, and have it renamed the ‘Tate Kemp Melbourne Marathon'.

The connection that these two brothers share is heart-warmingly beautiful, and you have to see it to believe it. This week, they were featured on Australia's ‘Sunday Night' current affairs show, which showcases their love for one another perfectly. To see them on the show, click here: http

Nash, who acts as Tate's translator throughout the interview, says he feels like the two of them are connected by their arms and they can't let go. Nash even helps Tate out with things like getting dressed, eating, toileting and bathing, if their parents are busy.

Referring to whether or not Tate would ever give up, Nash says with a big smile, ‘he has never ever given up, and he will never give up, ‘cos we'll be there telling him never ever to give up'. Tate's family is so supportive and loving, so it's not hard to see where their strength comes from.

I hope that the bond that exists between these two amazing brothers remains as strong as it is today, because to lose something like that, would be a tragedy. Look out for what Tate has planned for the Melbourne Marathon in 2012.

Tate training with his Mum Sue in the background

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