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Judge Caught On Tape Whipping Disabled Daughter With Leather Belt

10 Nov 2011This story is something that, thanks to the internet, has been sweeping across the world over the past week, and it is horrifying to see.

I am talking about the video footage that was posted by a young woman from Texas, of her being hit with a belt by her own father, when she was just sixteen years old.

Disciplining your own children is one thing, but did this man take it too far? A lot of people are saying he most certainly did.

Hillary Adams, who has mild Cerebral Palsy, was noticing that her father's temper was becoming more volatile and she began to fear for her safety, so she decided to do something about it.

She set up a small camera in her bedroom, covered its tiny red light with a scarf, and left it filming. What she managed to capture, has disgusted more people from around the globe than she would have ever imagined.

On this particular evening, Hillary had been illegally downloading songs from the internet that had not yet been released in America, which is why she says she did it illegally. Her father found out and having previously warning her against doing so, he lost his temper and decided to punish his disabled daughter, by whipping her with a leather belt.

I have watched the entire original seven minute video, which was filmed in 2004, but was only released this year, when Hillary finally had enough of her father's abuse. It is shocking and frightening to watch, and at times, I found myself cringing and feeling physically ill. Hillary is clearly in pain whilst receiving the beating, screaming and begging for him to stop. When he tells her to roll over on to her stomach, so he can spank her bottom, she is too frightened to do so, which only angers him more, and he hits her with his belt across her stomach, sides and legs seventeen times.

Hillary's mother, Hallie, was also present at the time of the beating, and even took part, by telling her to behave like a sixteen year old woman and take it, before hitting her daughter once with the belt herself.

Hillary's father, William Adams, works as a Judge, and has previously been involved in cases relating to children. Public backlash and death threats, have temporarily forced the Judge out of town. Representatives from the Aransas County Courthouse, where Judge Adams works, have promised that for all cases that judge Adams would normally be involved with, that concern children, will be handled by a visiting Judge until further notice.

Hallie, has since divorced her husband and has apologized to her daughter for becoming involved in the physical abuse. She blames her action on the fact that she was controlled by William and had been brain washed. After watching the footage from 2004 with Hillary, she cried and hasn't stop apologizing ever since. Despite what happened in the past, Hillary says that her and her mum remain very close.

Hillary was interviewed by Matt Lauer on America's ‘Today Show', which can be seen here: http – When asked why it took so long for her to post the footage on the internet, she says that she was afraid of the possible repercussions that could've been imposed on her, her mother and younger sister.

Her father has publicly defended himself, telling reporters that Hillary wasn't seriously hurt, and he doesn't think that what he did was as bad as it looks. Although Texas laws prevent the possibility of Judge Adams being prosecuted for the seven year old incident, he may be forced to stand down as a Judge.

Hillary says that she was basically dared by her father to post the video on the internet. She admitted that she feels bad for how much attention and media coverage the video has caused, but just wants her father to get the help she feels he needs.

Search for Judge William Adams on YouTube if you feel brave enough. But, be warned, it's violent, has lots of swearing, is definitely not recommended to children, and should be viewed at your own risk.

Judge Caught On Tape Whipping Disabled Daughter With Leather Belt

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