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Jailing of mentally disabled man is 'intolerable'

16 Nov 2012As the following link: discusses the jailing of a man with a intellectual disability, questions need to be asked as to why jailing him is the only way to go.

My questions are: Why did they not see that this man had a disability? Why was he not given better representation? Why did it take his case going to court for them to see his disability? The mishandling of this case has cost tax payers money which was unnecessary as the case should never have been tried in the first place. The fact the Ross was not cared for and looked after in a way that accommodated his disability is a gross misconduct of his human rights as an individual with a disability.

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Adam from Perth posted on 21 Dec 2012
Disabled or not, he could be a monster we dont know, if he is a threat to society he must be removed, and if hitler had a disability, would we have been upset if he was imprisoned? If he was released because he is disabled and he goes and kills some child or something terrible like that, would the fact he is disabled make it okay for him to be out on the streets? why should his rights be prioritised over anyone else's if his condition allows him to encroach on someone elses rights.......think of the recent school shootings, he had a disability......

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