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Hunter banned from signing his name

4 Sep 2012So, imagine your name is Hunter, you are a deaf three year old boy, and the signing method you use, known as Signing Exact English, which is meant to mimic spoken words, is said to violate your schools weapons policy.

Two immediate reactions come to my mind. One Rolling on the Floor Laughing, and two, thinking this school has toooo much time on their hands, not enough real problems and so they have to make stuff up to keep up appearances and to look important.

The following link has more of the story:

My suggestion would be to sack the school official as it is obvious that they have nothing better to do than look for ‘instruments that looks like a weapon' even if they are fingers.

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margie from Pennsylvania posted on 4 Sep 2012
Put certain people in charge and they can't resist stirring the pot and making trouble over nothing. Unless this school DR-OPs their outrageous ruling {and their attitude}they're going to look very bad in the eyes of most Americans and put a stain on their school.

Warren from Homebush posted on 4 Sep 2012
You're right, the Devil always finds work for idle bureaucrats to do. I wonder, if there is a Warren at that school would he be expelled because his name is a phonetic violation the school's anti-militarism policy.

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