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Do You Think We Are Worthy Of A 'Fighting Chance'?

10 Jun 2011Following the death of her husband David to cancer in 2008, Sue O'Reilly was forced to return to her home country of Australia, after years of living in the UK, where her and her family moved to seek adequate assistance for their severely disabled son, Shane.

Shane was born with Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. Sue and her late husband were devoted to giving their son Shane the best opportunities in life that they could find. And after returning to Australia, without David, Sue felt that she needed to honour his memory by continuing her fight for a better disability support system in Australia.

After Sue experienced first-hand, the difference in benefits available in the UK compared to what's available in Australia, she wanted to fight for the rights of physically disabled adults. Sue launched her charity called ‘Fighting Chance Australia'.

Fighting Chance is now run by Sue's two eldest children, Laura and Jordan O'Reilly. Inspired by their parent's example, and determined to create a better future for their brother Shane, and many others in his situation, Laura and Jordan have established Fighting Chance Australia as a youth movement in the disability sector.

The official Fighting Chance Australia website went live in early May. The organisation strives on working towards a better future for young Australian's with physical disabilities, being a youth-led charity, this helps the organisation to provide age appropriate services that give young adults with a physical disability, some say in what they want for their future, when it comes to accommodation, independent living, employment and accessing services.

Fighting Chance's first project is designed to give severely physically disabled people a chance at real, satisfying, challenging employment. The Kairos Project harnesses the most up-to-date e-commerce methods to provide real and profitable jobs to physically disabled adults. "Kairos" is a Greek word meaning the moment in one's life when something transformational happens. The team hope the Kairos Project will offer many young, physically disabled Australians a chance at transforming their professional lives.

If you'd like to help this most worthy cause, there are many ways you can offer your assistance. You can volunteer your time, by fundraising or by simply spreading the word so this organisation has the opportunity to make the largest impact possible.

If you're part of a disability organisation, you can also offer assistance by becoming a partner of Fighting Chance Australia. By combining important disability services, imagine what could be accomplished for young adults with physical disabilities.

Donations are always sought after as well, after all, without the gracious generosity of the community, Fighting Chance Australia wouldn't exist.

Fighting Chance has a trivia night coming up in July, as well as its annual dinner in October. Get in touch with Laura, Managing Director, for more details – [email protected]

For more detailed information about Fighting Chance Australia, visit the website here: or add them on Facebook at: - and don't forget to spread the word! This could be the beginning of a much needed change for young adults living with physical disabilities in Australia.

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