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Autistic man defrauds the tax system

19 Aug 2013An article that crossed my path recently was so interesting that it made me want to share it.

When I first read this headline I laughed cheekly. The thoughts that ran through my mind were, way to go, Mister! Along with the question, so what mastermind did you devise to do this?

I wasn't disappointed to read the elaborate plan Philip put in place, skimming GST refunds by altering business activity statements. Placing the money in different bank accounts and building a property empire. Philip then worked on paying back most of the money he had scammed.

I'm not saying that this is a good idea or that I condone his actions because they are fraud and fraud is wrong.

What I do think is amazing and powerful is his abilities to think up such an elaborate scheme which would have been done by him alone as that is how Autistic people like to work, in solitude.

Imagine what can be accomplished if Philip's talents could be put to good use? What would come of Australia's financial position?

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