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Autism does not make you crazy or unsafe

23 Jun 2014There has been a lot of media exposure over the shooting spree Elliot Rodger brought about and the shooting of eight people including himself. Although this story focuses on gun laws in the US,, my concern is the unfair judgement people with Autism are going to be subjected to because of this story.

The story sees Elliot's instability and the cause of his going on this shooting spree attributed to his ‘Highly Functioning Autism' that he was being treated for by doctors for many years.

I didn't know that ‘Highly Functioning Autism' needed to be treated and I think Elliot's problem was perhaps more about isolation and loneliness and absent parents in his life.

My husband has ‘Highly Functioning Autism' and he is a very nice guy that is very stable because of the support of his family and friends and he does not/has never been treated by doctors to keep him that way.

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