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Hi, my name is Martha. I work for NOVA Employment, which is an Australian Government funded organisation that helps people with disabilities find employment. I’m in a wheelchair & I like to aim high and achieve my goals. I also want to help others with disabilities conquer their dreams by sharing my experiences and giving people a voice to share their hurdles and wins.

Feel free to comment on anything I have written or ask me a question & I will try my best to help you out!

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Disability Hate Crime in Northern Ireland
Can-Do-Ability: Disability Hate Crime in Northern IrelandIts hard to believe that in this day and age where one in five people have a disability that disability hate crime exists at all.

People with a disability are usually to scared to report this in ... More >>

Car Modifications
Can-Do-Ability: Car ModificationsRecently my husband and I have been researching the idea of buying a car and having it converted so that it can take my electric wheelchair.

We have figured out that the best car would be a KIA Grand ... More >>

900 Alternative Learning Programs
Can-Do-Ability: 900 Alternative Learning ProgramsI was listening to the radio while I was out and about and I heard an interview on the topic of alternative learning.

I am a big advocate of online learning as well as other alternative ideas. As ... More >>

Its in the Genes
Can-Do-Ability: Its in the GenesJen Bricker was adopted out when she was born as she had no legs. Her adoptive parents raised her well. They told her there was no such word as “can’t”!

Jen grew up independent and strong and took ... More >>

Injured Fire Fighters
Can-Do-Ability: Injured Fire FightersI recently came across this story in the news that makes my blood boil.

Two fire fighters that have put their lives on the line to look after and save their community from the damage of fires have ... More >>

The government is obsessed with funding cuts and may need its own therapy
Can-Do-Ability: The government is obsessed with funding cuts and may need its own therapyA couple of weeks ago I watched an interesting episode of ‘Insight’ that talked through the topics of obsession and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

OCD is a compulsion that interferes with your ... More >>

Ice Bucket Challenge for Motor Neuron Disease
Can-Do-Ability: Ice Bucket Challenge for Motor Neuron DiseaseThe ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken off in the US and Europe and many millions of dollars have been raised.

Whoever came up with the idea is genius as it is exposing what Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ... More >>

Housing crises in the UK for disabled people
Can-Do-Ability: Housing crises in the UK for disabled peopleMost houses in the UK are upstairs-downstairs and for a wheelchair user or someone with mobility issues, stairs are impossible.

A lot of the bathrooms are also upstairs, front doors and corridors ... More >>

Self-Harm myth busted
Can-Do-Ability: Self-Harm myth bustedSelf-harm is a hard behaviour to watch people go through as you can see that there is a lot of underlying emotional pain that the person is going through and the self harming gives a release to that ... More >>
Some people are just SICK
Can-Do-Ability: Some people are just SICKI found this quite disturbing article that has people is social media making fun of those with a disability.

Whether it be in person or on the net, there is no stopping the judgements of those ‘more’ ... More >>

Together a Difference is Made
Can-Do-Ability: Together a Difference is MadeWhilst trolling the internet to find a story to write about, I stumbled upon this photo of a blind man carrying a paralysed man on his back. The photo was taken by Tancrede Dumas circa. 1889.

You ... More >>

Kanye West bloops big time
Can-Do-Ability: Kanye West bloops big timeAnd the most embarrassing behaviour award goes to… Kanye West!

At a concert Kanye declared he would not sing until everyone stood up!

Two people in the audience remained sitting. Kanye stopped ... More >>

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