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Hi, my name is Martha. I work for NOVA Employment, which is an Australian Government funded organisation that helps people with disabilities find employment. I’m in a wheelchair & I like to aim high and achieve my goals. I also want to help others with disabilities conquer their dreams by sharing my experiences and giving people a voice to share their hurdles and wins.

Feel free to comment on anything I have written or ask me a question & I will try my best to help you out!

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Carers targeted by the Liberals
Can-Do-Ability: Carers targeted by the LiberalsCarers are now being targeted so that the Liberals can get their precious budget in the black.

Carers do a lot of work caring for the sick, elderly and disabled. They save the government a huge ... More >>

Rooty Hill RSL Fire Alarm Evacuation
Can-Do-Ability: Rooty Hill RSL Fire Alarm EvacuationA couple of weeks ago I was at a NOVA Dinner at Novatel Rooty Hill on the first floor. We were having a pleasant time. Food was being eaten, drinks were had, presentations had taken place and we were ... More >>
Turia Pitt Update
Can-Do-Ability: Turia Pitt UpdateAbout 18 months ago I wrote about how Turia Pitt was burnt savagely in a bushfire while she was in a race. Turia Pitt was in the fight of her life to recover and she has done that and more.

Turia ... More >>

At Home Grants
Can-Do-Ability: At Home GrantsI recently found an ad for ‘young care at home grants’ that is sponsored by GIO. If you are aged between 18 – 65 and have high care needs and could be at risk of having to live in a nursing home then ... More >>
Dyspraxia is no longer a Paralympics Swimming Category
Can-Do-Ability: Dyspraxia is no longer a Paralympics Swimming CategoryIn the world of Paralympics swimming, Dyspraxia (lack of co-ordination, spatial awareness, learning disability), commonly found in people with Aspergers is no longer seen as a swimming disability category. ... More >>
Rewiring Your Brain to Learn
Can-Do-Ability: Rewiring Your Brain to LearnThere is a school in Canada, started by Barbara Arrowsmith, that is helping children rewire their brains so they can, read, write, do mathematics and be able to learn.

There are a large number of ... More >>

Awesome Lizzie Fights the Bullies
Can-Do-Ability: Awesome Lizzie Fights the BulliesLizzie Velasquez is one, awesome, inspirational woman! Lizzie has been bullied all he life because of a rare syndrome where she does not have any fat and Lizzie has also lost sight in one eye.

Lizzie ... More >>

Disabled Asian Female
Can-Do-Ability: Disabled Asian FemaleToday I came across this eloquently, beautiful story, written by, Nafisa Khanbhai, a Disabled Asian Female who shares her hopes and shattered dreams of living in Mombasa, Kenya.

Nafisa Khanbhai, ... More >>

Thank you NAB for your generous sponsorship
It's my pleasure to announce that the National Australia Bank ( have generously offered to sponsor the 'most online votes' section of NOVA's focusonability short film competition. Quick ... More >>
Toni Braxton has issues with having an Autistic son
Can-Do-Ability: Toni Braxton has issues with having an Autistic son

I was shocked to see that Toni Braxton feels that one of her sons is a punishment because he has Autism.

To think that God punished her for having an abortion earlier on is ludicrous.

To ... More >>

Autism does not make you crazy or unsafe
Can-Do-Ability: Autism does not make you crazy or unsafeThere has been a lot of media exposure over the shooting spree Elliot Rodger brought about and the shooting of eight people including himself. Although this story focuses on gun laws in the US,More >>
Accessible Yellow Taxis
Can-Do-Ability: Accessible Yellow TaxisI had no idea that the Yellow New York taxis only had a very small percentage of wheelchair accessible taxis!

It is only by adding a surcharge of 30 cents that half the taxis’ fleet will become wheelchair ... More >>

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