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Hi, my name is Martha. I work for NOVA Employment, which is an Australian Government funded organisation that helps people with disabilities find employment. I’m in a wheelchair & I like to aim high and achieve my goals. I also want to help others with disabilities conquer their dreams by sharing my experiences and giving people a voice to share their hurdles and wins.

Feel free to comment on anything I have written or ask me a question & I will try my best to help you out!

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Kanye West bloops big time
Can-Do-Ability: Kanye West bloops big timeAnd the most embarrassing behaviour award goes to… Kanye West!

At a concert Kanye declared he would not sing until everyone stood up!

Two people in the audience remained sitting. Kanye stopped ... More >>

Companion Card
Can-Do-Ability: Companion CardFor years I have been needing to get myself a Companion Card as my carer can get in at a cheaper price or for free when I go to the movies, the tennis or man other events.

Most times the attendants ... More >>

Getting Married
Can-Do-Ability: Getting MarriedFrom time to time mother’s express their hope to me. The hope is that their disabled son or daughter will find a partner who can love them, respect them and work with them as my husband works with me.

Right ... More >>

AXIS turns 25
Can-Do-Ability: AXIS turns 25AXIS is a dance company of able bodied dancers and dancers in wheelchairs. AXIS has been wowing audiences for 25 years and has shown that a wheelchair can be used as part of dance and not seen as a ... More >>
Diesels Model Jillian Mercado
Can-Do-Ability: Diesels Model Jillian MercadoJillian Mercado is a fashion designer and loves it. Having been born and bred in LA, she went to fashion school at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Jillian new she may not be accepted in the ... More >>

Disabled Fashion Models
Can-Do-Ability: Disabled Fashion ModelsHow is fashion clothing made for people with disabilities? It’s not considered at all.

I have always loved buying clothing that is fashionable but there are times when I am utterly frustrated.

Pants ... More >>

iFly Downunder
Can-Do-Ability: iFly DownunderOne thing I have had on my ‘bucket list’ for ages is to go Skydiving. I have wanted to do this for many years but it has always been out of my reach. There was a skydiving group running out of Penrith ... More >>
Jobs disABILITY Attitudes Self Belief
Can-Do-Ability: Jobs disABILITY Attitudes Self BeliefOn INSIGHT on Tuesday night, there was a discussion on whether people with a disability on DSP should be working. It was a discussion that has come about due to the government wanting to get as many ... More >>
Google Glass
Can-Do-Ability: Google GlassAs a person with Cerebral Palsy I am extremely frustrated that I cannot take my own photos. I always have to rely on someone else to take the photo for me and it is not always what I would have captured ... More >>
Where is our Focus Robin Williams
Can-Do-Ability: Where is our Focus Robin WilliamsRecently I was watching a few Focus On Ability, NOVA Short Film Entrants, when I read that Robin Williams committed suicide. These things together made me think of the book ‘A Fine Balance’ by Rohinton ... More >>
The Inspiring Duck that Taught
Can-Do-Ability: The Inspiring Duck that TaughtLemon is one lucky duck and a very handy teacher too.

Lemon was one of four classroom project hatchlings, however, when he hatched it was very clear that he was ‘different’ to the rest.

Lemon ... More >>

Alex McKinnon wants to walk again
Can-Do-Ability: Alex McKinnon wants to walk againAlex was a professional rugby league player until a tackle that left him a quadriplegic in March.

Alex’s determination to recover is so inspiring that he has recovered a lot so far. He has gone ... More >>

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