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Hi, my name is Martha. I work for NOVA Employment, which is an Australian Government funded organisation that helps people with disabilities find employment. I’m in a wheelchair & I like to aim high and achieve my goals. I also want to help others with disabilities conquer their dreams by sharing my experiences and giving people a voice to share their hurdles and wins.

Feel free to comment on anything I have written or ask me a question & I will try my best to help you out!

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Google Glass
Can-Do-Ability: Google GlassAs a person with Cerebral Palsy I am extremely frustrated that I cannot take my own photos. I always have to rely on someone else to take the photo for me and it is not always what I would have captured ... More >>
Where is our Focus Robin Williams
Can-Do-Ability: Where is our Focus Robin WilliamsRecently I was watching a few Focus On Ability, NOVA Short Film Entrants, when I read that Robin Williams committed suicide. These things together made me think of the book ‘A Fine Balance’ by Rohinton ... More >>
The Inspiring Duck that Taught
Can-Do-Ability: The Inspiring Duck that TaughtLemon is one lucky duck and a very handy teacher too.

Lemon was one of four classroom project hatchlings, however, when he hatched it was very clear that he was ‘different’ to the rest.

Lemon ... More >>

Alex McKinnon wants to walk again
Can-Do-Ability: Alex McKinnon wants to walk againAlex was a professional rugby league player until a tackle that left him a quadriplegic in March.

Alex’s determination to recover is so inspiring that he has recovered a lot so far. He has gone ... More >>

Can-Do-Ability: WaitingHave you ever felt as though you have been waiting so long for something that you have altogether lost sight and perspective on what you have been waiting for?

Recently, I was given some rather shocking ... More >>

The Shocking News
Can-Do-Ability: The Shocking NewsAbout a year ago I started experiencing these big muscle spasms in my arms that were very painful and contorted my arms in ways I could not stop. I not only found these ‘attacks’ humiliating, I also ... More >>
Mastering your home blindly
Can-Do-Ability: Mastering your home blindlyNicole C. Kear is the author of a forthcoming memoir called “Now I See You”. The New York times posted a snippet of the book that you can read here: More >>
The trains are on the improve
Can-Do-Ability: The trains are on the improve

Last week I had to travel by train. It was the first train ride I had been on since last year. When the train pulled up there was already a difference in that alternate carriages were marked with ... More >>

Carers targeted by the Liberals
Can-Do-Ability: Carers targeted by the LiberalsCarers are now being targeted so that the Liberals can get their precious budget in the black.

Carers do a lot of work caring for the sick, elderly and disabled. They save the government a huge ... More >>

Rooty Hill RSL Fire Alarm Evacuation
Can-Do-Ability: Rooty Hill RSL Fire Alarm EvacuationA couple of weeks ago I was at a NOVA Dinner at Novatel Rooty Hill on the first floor. We were having a pleasant time. Food was being eaten, drinks were had, presentations had taken place and we were ... More >>
Turia Pitt Update
Can-Do-Ability: Turia Pitt UpdateAbout 18 months ago I wrote about how Turia Pitt was burnt savagely in a bushfire while she was in a race. Turia Pitt was in the fight of her life to recover and she has done that and more.

Turia ... More >>

At Home Grants
Can-Do-Ability: At Home GrantsI recently found an ad for ‘young care at home grants’ that is sponsored by GIO. If you are aged between 18 – 65 and have high care needs and could be at risk of having to live in a nursing home then ... More >>
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