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Hi, my name is Martha. I work for NOVA Employment, which is an Australian Government funded organisation that helps people with disabilities find employment. I’m in a wheelchair & I like to aim high and achieve my goals. I also want to help others with disabilities conquer their dreams by sharing my experiences and giving people a voice to share their hurdles and wins.

Feel free to comment on anything I have written or ask me a question & I will try my best to help you out!

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Albania MOVE
Can-Do-Ability: Albania MOVEDid you know that when you become disabled through an accident in Albania, there is no Rehab to go to?

The people in Albania who become disabled have a very bleak future where there families have ... More >>

Disabled Sex Symbol Amy Conachan
Can-Do-Ability: Disabled Sex Symbol  Amy ConachanI have come across a story where a student of the Royal Conservatoire Scotland, who is in her second year of a BA in Acting and Performance has made an impact in the Scottish Theatre with roles that ... More >>
Youve just got Concussion
Can-Do-Ability: Youve just got ConcussionA couple of weeks ago I fell backwards off my wheelchair and smacked my head on the bathroom tiles.

It was a pretty bad fall which has had me worried for some time as I felt I may have dislodged ... More >>

Soccer Discrimination
Can-Do-Ability: Soccer DiscriminationSo here we are in 2014 and discrimination and bullying are still massive issues kids with disabilities are still having to cope with even in after school sporting activities.

A mum by the name ... More >>

Out and About in Melbourne
Can-Do-Ability: Out and About in MelbourneI have found that there is an app that helps you get out and about in Melbourne! The app can be found at: unfortunately ... More >>
Accessible Fitness
Can-Do-Ability: Accessible FitnessI don’t know about any of you, but when I have gone to the gym in the past I have always felt very self conscious and like I am not really supposed to be there.

I get looks that say, ‘you poor thing’ ... More >>

The scars we endure
Can-Do-Ability: The scars we endureI would like to bring your attention to this article titled, “Are we There Yet?” ( ).

The ... More >>

Escaping Death Row
Can-Do-Ability: Escaping Death RowI have come across a very interesting article where it claims that a Florida man, Eddie Lee Hall, has escaped Death Row due to a mental disability.

Twelve years ago the state of Florida prohibited ... More >>

Egyptian Couple in Harmony
Can-Do-Ability: Egyptian Couple in HarmonyThere is a story I found at: ... More >>
Disabled Dog - Xiong Xiong
Can-Do-Ability: Disabled Dog - Xiong XiongI think we have all heard the rumours about certain countries not having any cats or dogs because they are used in their cooking… well I have recently found a story where a dog with paralysis was found ... More >>
Doctors that dont listen
Can-Do-Ability: Doctors that dont listenA few weeks ago I fell backwards out of my wheelchair and smacked my head on the tiles that were on the floor. I heard an eerie crack when I hit the floor and so I thought it best to have an ambulance ... More >>
Less Intellectually Disabled people in the Workforce
Can-Do-Ability: Less Intellectually Disabled people in the WorkforceA friend of mine sent me a link to a very important story and issue. Being that there are less Intellectually Disabled people in the workforce. An easy option is to stick the Intellectually Disabled ... More >>
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